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Surgeon, Techie, MS Medical Informatics student

single, 33 y/o male

from the Philippines

[Jul 23 2006]

(+3, -1) add on air vents
(+1) add on trunks for SUV's and vans
(+1, -2) anti crowd force field
(+8, -1) cheaper hybrid
(+5) cheaper lpg car
(+2) cherenkov reactor
(+4, -8) enhancing the m16/m4
(+4, -1) gravity regenerative braking
(-4) homeworld: the movie
(-3) how to sell new cars with new controls
(+2, -4) hybrid universal health insurance
(-4) Magnetic coercion device
(+1, -4) make zinc air open source
 new EPA mileage rating
(+6, -2) nonmetallic manhole cover
(+1, -3) Nuclear electric hybrid car
(+2, -3) parallel parking device
(+5, -3) Prius lite
(-13)(-13)(-13) riot control explosives
(+4) SUV/truck back end aerodynamic device
(-1) water sequestration

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