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parallel parking device

it makes parallel parking easy
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Imagine a rectangular metal slab around car size. Say 4 inches tall. Place ramps at both ends so your car can drive on and off it. Then place wheels on the slab which are oriented at right angles to the car.

To parallel park, place the device beside the parking spot, Drive the car on it, get out and push the entire car + slab sideways into the parking spot.

To enchance safety, you can put some depressions on the device where your wheels fit so the car is more secure. You can even add chains or something to secure the car. The device has some kind of brake mechanism to keep it from being moved out of the parking space.

If the parking space is permanently reserved for you, you can even mount the device on small rails.

Disadvantages: not suitable for hilly roads, you are going to need a place to store it when not in use unless you want to leave it in the parking spot

vmaldia, Jan 15 2007

parallel parking device http://auto.howstuf...elf-parking-car.htm
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 21 2007]


       Disadvantage: cost.
nomadic_wonderer, Jan 15 2007

       Or you could learn to drive.
angel, Jan 15 2007

       Sounds like a plan to me, even if we are five seconds away from parallel parking computers as standard.   

       If you want to make it cheaper, make it two lengths wide enough for each tire, not the whole car width. Ought to be able to make it folding, too.
DrCurry, Jan 15 2007

       Why go through all of that when a fork lift will serve the same purpose?
Jscotty, Jan 16 2007

       Try getting this out of your trunk and assembling it while blocking a street in New York City for 5 minutes while you park it and there will be great Honking.
phundug, Jan 16 2007

       Or, 4x small wheels at an angle perpendicular to line of vehicle attached to struts (thoughts anyone on using hydraulic vs. exhaust to power hoists?) will raise the car till wheels are just off the road. These could be retrofitted to the jack anchor points or behind wheel mountings. 2 wheels (one side only required) are driven by small, hi-torque electric motors will slide the car sideways into the perfect parallel park.
sprogga, Jan 17 2007

       [sprogga]'s rethink of the idea would be better
hippo, Jan 17 2007

       What [angel] said. [-]
theleopard, Jan 17 2007

       Short of Blues Brothers-style parking no amount of skill is going to match the efficiency of a device that allows you to approach the kerb perpendicularly.
I like sprogga's approach and am reminded of the devices used by tow truck operators to remove vehicles parked in particularly difficult spots.
methinksnot, Jan 21 2007


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