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homeworld: the movie

homeworld: the movie based on the hit game
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the computer game homeworld had an epic story and a great back story.

since it had a lot of middle eastern elements in it (according to wikipedia some of the elements came in second hand through the Dune novels) we could make a movie out of it and incorporate some middle eastern touches. Might as well inject politics into it and make a case for peace by having israeli and arab touches. At the beginning of the game the entire planet was united. This movie could be a prequel of the game to see how the warring tribes settled their differences.

In the original game, the poles of the planet were centers of civilization because the equator was all desert and too hot. Thats a perfect excuse to make one pole kinda israeli like and one kinda arab like. Yeah i know, poilitcs rears it head here. This extends to the actors, accents, names of people and places, art and set design. It may be offensive to some but we might as well make the religions of the 2 different groups also with quasi - islamic/jewish touches. But of course both of these religions invented for the movie would have common legends of an off planet origin for their people.

Now how about the bad guys in the game? Maybe we could use another nationality/ethnic group. British? French? American? Chinese? Russian? I havent decided yet.

And please, lets not make it a b movie type. So we need a good script/screenplay. This idea is just a concept for a movie.

vmaldia, Oct 15 2006

homeworld : wikipedia entry http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homeworld
[vmaldia, Oct 15 2006]


       Sorry, this reeks of a 'let's all' and there doesn't seem to be a very original idea behind it. Bone.
froglet, Oct 15 2006

       [-] Sorry. Sounds like one of those "Let's all hold hands and sing Kumbayah" things.
augusta, Oct 15 2006


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