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new EPA mileage rating

new EPA mileage rating
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the EPA mileage rating has 2 values, one city and one highway

i propose, based on my experiences in a third world city, another category : heavy traffic

to calculate the value, you run the car in a pre-computed path on a flat traffic free track and measure mileage. It should be something like this: 100 meters at 10kph, stop, idle for 30 sec, 200 meters at 30kph, stop, idle for 30 sec, 50 meters at 5 kph, stop, idle for 30 sec, 500meters at 50kph, stop, repeat. Something like that

vmaldia, Aug 09 2006


       In other words, driving to work freakin' sucks!
Laimak, Aug 09 2006

       What you're proposing is already what they do for "city".   

       The real problem with the EPA rating is that it's done assuming the car is already warmed up. The first 5-10 minutes of use is when all cars get worse efficiency by far. So, "short trips (city or highway)" are what's really needed.
sophocles, Aug 09 2006

       The major purpose of mileage ratings is not their absolute value but the fact that all vehicles are tested in the same way to facilitate comparison. If I'm deciding between car A and car B, I just need to know which is better. YMMV.
angel, Aug 09 2006

       Your Milage May Vary. I'm getting too old, I guess. I had to look that up.
Zimmy, Aug 09 2006

       Odometers currently measure about n% higher than really the case. This makes mileage rating checks, by the average Joe, slightly better than they really are.   

       For better mileage, spin the front wheels more?
Ling, Aug 09 2006

       What [sophpocles] said. Also, a shocking amount of pollution is caused after you've stopped and fuel evaporates from the warm engine.
moomintroll, Aug 09 2006


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