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anti crowd force field

push away people crowding a vehicle
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There already exists a supposedly non lethal microwave weapon which causes pain in the skin. My idea is to mount multiple low power emitters above a moving vehicle pointing down at the ground. This will create a space 1-2 meters around the vehicle. People entering the space will experience pain. The vehicle will be shielded of course. If the vehicle is trying to go through a crowd, the effect would be similar to an invisible ship's prow cutting through water. The emitters may be only on the front or extend all the way around.
vmaldia, Aug 07 2009

Clipboard version Pedestrian_20force-field
Same effect [theleopard, Aug 07 2009]


       Presumably, the vehicle has a purpose?
If this purpose involves deployment of a crew, won't they need to be wearing Faraday Cage uniforms?
coprocephalous, Aug 07 2009

       They'll be too busy eating heated-up takeaways
hippo, Aug 07 2009

       If I understand correctly, individuals only move out of the way because pain is inflicted (assuming they understand that pain is related to proximity to the vehicle). The vehicle will be limited to the speed at which these individuals can move, less a reaction time and assuming there is free space for them to move into.   

       How is this different to the effect of the vehicle's front bumper?
Twizz, Aug 07 2009


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