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add on trunks for SUV's and vans

to prevent theft
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trunk - an enclosed storage space at the rear of a vehicle

by that definition suv's and vans dont have trunks because the storage space is not enclosed

why would you want an enclosed storage space? with a SUV, you can easily access the cargo from inside the car. Its like this. In my country a parked car with a visible bag (even worse, a laptop shaped bag) inside is an invitation for some thief to smash the window and grab the bag.

I propose that add on trunks be available for sale. My suv has a custom job but its less than a foot high. Simple plywood creates a box with a hinged cover. The walls of the box mimic the shape of the bottom of the cargo area and all visible areas are covered with a rug the same color as the original. Commercial ones would be either plywood or hard plastic and would be ofered in various heights from a few inches (a hidden compartment) to over half the height of the cargo area. Not too high so you dont block the driver's view.

Why not buy a sedan? Because I cant afford a new car at the moment and sedans tend to break down due to flooding which is common in my area.

And I cant bring all my stuff with me all the time because its heavy

vmaldia, Nov 02 2009


       Okay, but you could put a cage around the cargo area...
phoenix, Nov 03 2009

       Isn't this sorta like how most SUVs have retractable cover for the "trunk" area?
DIYMatt, Nov 04 2009


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