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[Jun 25 2010, last modified Jun 26 2010]
(-2) a question or business: long term data storage
 Aerogel graphene
 Cooling for shuttle
(+2, -1) Earthquake bulb
(+2) Elephant Drone
(+3, -1) Elephant Poaching Protection
(+3) Google Censorhip
(+4, -2) HalfBakery Idea realization support forum
(-1) Laser CO2 sequestration
 Matrix Suspended Animation
(+5) Pool Robot Life Saver
(+2, -4) Qauntum Voodoo Doll
(-5)(-5) Quantum bakery with Hydrogen
(-1) Quantum Energy
 quantum GPS
(-1) Quantum Tricorder
 Space Junk
(-1) Web broad casting digital rights.
 Weed/Algae Hybrid

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