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Qauntum Voodoo Doll

Monitoring, controlling and healing people with quantum entanglement and quantum computers
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Okay, I looked on google and Halfbakery and I'm very surprised (worried) that this does not have more attention.

Lets say we can quantum entangle two particles and some how make it last indefinitely... one could quantum entangle everything someone eats, breathes, and drinks. Then if one could monitor the bodily processes of a human being could one also control these processes.

This could be more profound/dangerous than the A bomb.

Maybe Aliens use quantum entanglement beams rather than tractor/antigravity beans in the movies lol

vtolled, Nov 23 2010

Wigner's friend http://en.wikipedia...i/Wigner%27s_friend
No cats were harmed in this experiment. Unfortunately. [8th of 7, Nov 23 2010]


       ...Quantum entanglement doesn't work that way. You can't actually transmit ANY useful information with quantum entanglement. I could explain why, if you want to know.
Hive_Mind, Nov 23 2010

       that spelling is definitely entangled.
po, Nov 23 2010

       Okay, so here's how quantum entanglement works, and why it can't ever be used to tell you anything useful.   

       So, imagine you have a machine that randomly drops balls into two closed boxes. One of the balls is red, the other is blue. As long as you don't open the box, they are neither red nor blue. You go a mile away, and then open your box- and you see that your ball is red. Instantly, you know that the other ball is blue. That's basically quantum entanglement. The balls aren't magically connected via quantum telepathy or whatever- one's just in one state, and the other is in the other state.
Hive_Mind, Nov 23 2010

       is that a US state?
po, Nov 23 2010

       You'll have to ask Wigner's Friend about that.   

8th of 7, Nov 23 2010

       Yes, [Hivemind], but what if the person with the other box was sneaky? What of they inserted an airbrish nozzle into their box and _without_looking_ spray-painted their ball red. What then eh? eh? Qauntum that if you dare!
pocmloc, Nov 23 2010

       ...Then the other ball stays the exact same color it always was. They're not connected via Magical Entanglement Telepathy or anything.
Hive_Mind, Nov 25 2010

       //The balls aren't magically connected via quantum telepathy or whatever- one's just in one state, and the other is in the other state//   

       For quantum particles, this isn't correct. There is spooky action at a distance. Look up quantum eraser, as one example. And the delayed choice quantum eraser is even more interesting.
ldischler, Nov 26 2010

       Marvellous. For all that gigantic investment in technology, you can convey one bit of information (subject, as always, to the Uncertainty Principle).   

       Have you heard of the Law of Diminishing Returns ?
8th of 7, Nov 26 2010

       if bad juju isn't a mfd category it should be, along with "leads to hives" and "device would, once activated, accidentally destroy the world."
Voice, Nov 27 2010


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