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Pool Robot Life Saver

Emergency Submersible Platform
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I'm not sure if this is an Idea I saw or came up with, but I think it should exist. If anyone decides to make one, try to save lifes not get rich.

Basically you have a submersible platform that digs/pushes it self under a drowning swimmer (maybe pulse monitors and cameras for identificaiton of a swimmer in trouble)

Then tanks of "air" immediately fill two bags to lift the swimmer to the surface.

Maybe even have water proofed container that opens up when the platform is at the surface which contains a defib unit.

I remember hearing about a drowning victim in a hotel with out a lifeguard. This device would alert people that would want to know there is a emergency happening.

vtolled, Aug 19 2011


       I, for one, would never, ever entrust human life to an unmonitored autonomous device of any kind.   

       <[The Alterother] thinks about the smoke detector on the wall directly above where he is currently sitting, realizes other Halfbakers will probably call him to the carpet over this statement, decides to stick with his guns anyway.\>
Alterother, Aug 20 2011

       I don't trust my life to a smoke detector, nor would I trust my life to this machine. However I'm delighted to have such devices around. While I don't think they're 100% reliable it's a hell of a lot less risky to have them around than not.
Voice, Aug 23 2011

       //... I, for one, would never, ever entrust human life to an unmonitored autonomous device of any kind...//   

       Marge: "...Herbert! Would you please take the battery out of that carbon monoxide detector? I can't hear myself think!..."   

       Herbert: <thud>   

       Marge: "...Herbert?..."   

Grogster, Aug 23 2011

       //I, for one, would never, ever entrust human life to an unmonitored autonomous device of any kind.//   

Traffic light?
Coffee machine?
methinksnot, Aug 23 2011

       [The Alterother] does not drink coffee.   

       It upsets his stomach.   

       [The Alterother] lives in a town with no traffic lights.   

       When he does visit civilized parts, he places no trust in these new-fangled devices, preferring to look both ways before proceeding to ensure traffic has stopped as directed.   

       [The Alterother] has been known to ride in elevators.   

       This does not mean he trusts them.   

       <See above, per: sticking with my guns. Challenge me at your peril!>
Alterother, Aug 24 2011

       Riding elevators does not mean [the Alterother] trusts them. It does, however, mean that [the Alterother] entrusts human life to them.   

       Assumption: [the Alterother] is human.
methinksnot, Aug 24 2011

       Probably correct.
Alterother, Aug 26 2011

       "You are in danger!"
RayfordSteele, Aug 26 2011


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