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drive-thru chiropodists

fresh feet to go - do you want odor-eaters with that?
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‘the foot is a highly complex structure which, if care is not taken of it, can develop problems. it can be affected by many general medical and surgical conditions. conversely, some foot disorders can have serious consequences on general health and well-being.’

ever driven for some time and felt desperately in need of a foot massage?

with drive-thru chiropodists all your little feet problems are resolved on the hoof so to speak.

it will be necessary to shout your order into the little window e.g. “1 callus (right foot) to be removed. all nails to be clipped. 1 minute massage (both feet). deodorant and anti-perspirant.”

“is that all?”
“drive to the next window, please. have a nice day!”
“thank you”

of course, the next window will be at foot level and it will involve opening the car door but different franchises may work out the details in different ways.

po, Oct 25 2004


       I 'spose this would save a few steps. +
sartep, Oct 25 2004

       + for weirdness.
absterge, Oct 25 2004

       Great stuff. Not sure about the "opening the car door" bit though - couldn't you just stick your feet out the window?
lostdog, Oct 25 2004

       Coming soon - Drive-Over Chiropractors. Just lie face-down on the road outside your house and wait for the Doctor to arrive on his spongey-tired moped.
lostdog, Oct 25 2004

       This idea does have some nice elegant logic built in. I mean, who would want to walk to get a foot massage?
Worldgineer, Oct 25 2004

       [more information than we wanted to know about the state of your feet...ugh!]
DrCurry, Oct 26 2004

       Lostdog that is a genius idea.
sartep, Oct 26 2004

       DC they are not my feet but an example. I have paintin' dancin' feet!   

       lostdog - I knew you would say that!
po, Oct 26 2004

       On long drives, my feet are the least of my worries. My feet are usually fine if I drive barefoot.   

       After a marathon 32-hour drive, my arse hurts, I don't know that I would want a stranger rubbing my arse. ;)   

       Seriously though, this would be helpful for keeping blood circulating and the forced stop would be useful in giving tired drivers a reason to pull over for a bit. [+]
Klaatu, Oct 26 2004

       reason to pull over? the fact that you are tired is reason enough. oh you 'mericans, what are you like?
po, Oct 26 2004

       //oh you 'mericans, what are you like?//   

       Well, considering that my state is larger than your country, it dictates some longer drives than you brit-type folks are used to.
Klaatu, Oct 26 2004

       K, twice the size? (that's England not UK) and we have 15 times the population which makes comparing driving conditions difficult.   

       although what all this has to do with the commonsense approach to not driving when you are tired is not apparent.
po, Oct 26 2004

       [po] what this has to do with is a low population density (everyone spread out), so we have to drive farther to get someplace. If you want to go to the next place, it is twice as far. We figure 50 miles each way to anywhere we want to go that is close.   

       Also, with the type of work that I do, any time away is too valuable to be resting on the side of the road. 129,000 owner miles in 6 years isn't that bad, is it? I had my truck only slightly longer and it had 287,000 owner miles when I sold it. I must be slowing down as I age. <wink>
Klaatu, Oct 26 2004

       there's an old saying - better late than never. I would hate to see you squished at the side of the road. nothing is *that* important.
po, Oct 26 2004


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