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Black rubber hubcaps

Black: the new bling!
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Huge rims and tiny balck tires are now in. But what next? The cultural augurs at BUNGCO predict chrome will be out, with tire decoration aimed at maximizing magnificent blackness.

To that end: the Black Rubber Hubcap. These caps present the illusion that your entire tire is a solid piece of rubber. No more chrome or ridiculous fake spokes.

Some folks dig the flat black, but most will no doubt customize their flat blacks with colored chalk, in a manner akin to an Indian parade elephant.

bungston, Sep 17 2007

Decorated elephant http://www.yardwear...nary/banksy-la1.jpg
[bungston, Sep 17 2007]

More decorated elephants http://www.justlaur...daily/jaipur169.jpg
[bungston, Sep 17 2007]

Lotus Exige http://www.autoclub.../lotus-exige-s.html
I like the all-black wheel look Lotus have been going for recently [hippo, Sep 18 2007]

Carbon fiber wheels http://seriouswheel...pe-119-3-4-Rear.jpg
on a gravity car [BJS, Sep 18 2007]

Multi-colored tires http://seriouswheel...-NAIAS-1280x960.jpg
on an H3T [BJS, Sep 18 2007]


       A guy in my neighborhood has a Porsche that is coated in green speckle color pickup truck bedliner.
nuclear hobo, Sep 17 2007

       I don't think the 'cool' people will decorate theirs with chalk.
BJS, Sep 17 2007

       + I like the no-hubcap (black) look. Also, the *little* chrome hubcaps that a lot of police cars have.
bnip, Sep 17 2007

       [nuclear_hobo], do you live in Texas? That's a popular vehicle fashion there.
normzone, Sep 18 2007

       Semi-baked by a guy here. He has large discs over his wheels match the body color of his vehicle, only the black of the tires shows. If he had them painted black instead they'd give the same visual style as this idea.
Noexit, Sep 18 2007

       how many hindus does it take to decorate an elephant?   

       i gave you a black rubber bun.
k_sra, Sep 18 2007

       chew chew chew chew.   

       mmm. needs chalk.
bungston, Sep 18 2007

       a "gravity car", [BJS]? what's a gravity car? (cool looking though. not much leg room...)
k_sra, Sep 18 2007

       A "gravity car" is a vehicle which is powered by the force of gravity (like going down a hill).   

       I have an idea that might be better! Make the hubcaps (and tires) out of colored rubber!!!   

       I think carbon fiber wheels or hubcaps might be "in" in the near future. Although, rubber is much more affordable.
BJS, Sep 18 2007

       "Gravity Car": Fancy term for "Crate-With-Wheels".
croissantz, Sep 19 2007

       aw, too bad. i was hoping for a floating car, of course. but that would have been an anti-gravity car, i suppose. do they have those yet?
k_sra, Sep 19 2007


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