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Baked & dumped ideas

Moving ideas that were baked and those that were dumped into separate sections
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Simple: If the "owner" of an idea or the manager of this site (dunno which would be better, perhaps both) decides so, an idea can be moved into a to-be-created "baked" section. This would both be a balance of our collective efforts and clean up the categories. (For example, the "vote feature" is still listed, and among the top ideas, although it's already baked, rather annoying. This forces people to vote "baked" ideas down to get them off the top 10 list, which is certainly not useful.)

OTOH, if an idea receives a certain amount of negative votes (say 4 complete fishbones) it can be automatically moved into "the dump". It's not deleted, but it does not disturb you anymore when browsing the interesting stuff. If you're a masochist, you can browse the dump for leftovers. You might vote ideas back from the dump to the normal list as well.

erik, Jul 15 2000

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Same basic idea, less explicit. [jutta, Jul 15 2000]


       (Detail: Four fishbones is impossible; votes are normalized to -2.5 .. 2.5.)   

       Yeah, I'm thinking about something like that, except for the "voting ideas back from the dump" part.   

       There are a few problems with this.   

       If we remove ideas that bore us, they will reappear. This is true both for things that already exist and for things that are ostentatiously evil.   

       If we remove things that already exist, readers miss out on a lot of interesting stuff, *and* they will reappear.   

       If we remove evil ideas that people hate, they will reappear, too.   

       Some think that having a single point of focus for trash will lead to people trying to get there on purpose. (Hence, no "worst of" list.)   

       The "Halfbakery vote feature" and "Best/Worst" entries could be retired because they're really not ideas, but used-up suggestions that have been followed by me as far as I wanted to; people are unlikely to re-suggest a feature that exists.   

       Maybe they can be labelled as "closed", exempted from voting, but left to stick around in their category?
jutta, Jul 15 2000

       The ideas I object to most are the ones that are duplicates or subsets (or close enough) to existing ideas that I think they just clutter up the list without really adding anything.   

       Maybe there could be some way that people could vote to "resolve dupe" (in bug-tracking terminology), and with enough such votes the idea would be filed *under* the idea it's a duplicate of?   

       That's too complex, but I'm grasping for an answer here. Organizing information is hard, I guess, and doing it collaboratively is even harder.
egnor, Jul 15 2000

       I'm not fond of the 'get rid of ideas with 4 fishbones' bit either. It's fun sometimes to see how much members actually hate an idea.
BigThor, Sep 05 2000

       Just give me another week and I'm sure any one of my ideas could end up as a four fish special.
julien, Sep 18 2000


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