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Halfbakery archaeological conservation society

Preserve our pristine and scarce heritage resources
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A sub-committee is set up to draft protocols and recommended best practice on the conservation of rare un-annotated posts. There has been a spate of new developments recently, which inevitably result in the spoiling of pristine idea-space.

Obviously the online environment cannot be preserved in aspic, but neither can we tolerate the willy-nilly "improvement" of untouched wilderness ideas.

Proposed is the development of a stringent and beurocratically teetering set of rules and regulations outlining the different conditions which are required to be met, including age of idea, before annotations may be added.

Over time, mission creep may extend this to the entire halfbakery, meaning that forms have to be submitted in hard copy a month in advance, for review and probably rejection before a five-stage planning committee, before any annotation or idea is posted anywhere on the site.

pocmloc, Apr 01 2021


       Sp. bureaucratically teetering. Carry on.   

       Oh ... you want to see my permit?   

       Are you sure about that? I brought aspic.
pertinax, Apr 01 2021

       Hey [pertinax], you've just ruined this by not waiting 20 years before annotating
hippo, Apr 01 2021

       Maybe I will delete all these annos and continue deleting for the next few decades!
pocmloc, Apr 01 2021

       This one stays.   

       I'll take the fine.   

       Will the committee have to stay in the submarine for very long?
xandram, Apr 01 2021

       //forms have to be submitted in hard copy a month in advance,// Forms freely available from the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying 'Beware of the Leopard.”
bs0u0155, Apr 01 2021

       //I'll take the fine.//   

       You'll need to fill out form 112-A, request for the attention of the subcommittee for consideration of requests related to acceptance of unacceptable annotations, form 19902, extraordinary conditions for annotation requests, form 30 (2021 version) submission of evidence, form 8008-C, disclosure of annotations to be accepted under extraordinary circumstances, and packets 5 and 13. Also a blood sample and the processing fees.
Voice, Apr 02 2021


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