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Lightspeed Fridge

Keeps food fresh forever!
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The light speed fridge works using the principle of time dilation, where time slows down the faster an object is moving. When you close the door the light speed fridge accelerates untill it reaches the speed of light. The fridge and it's contents now no longer experience the passage of time and so the contents will never go off! Only problem is getting the thing to stop when you want to take something out of it!
Bronzewing, Mar 31 2004


       Yes, but is the light on inside when the door is closed?!
squeak, Mar 31 2004

       the *only* problem?
po, Mar 31 2004

       Well, that and the fact that it's now in the vicinity of Arcturus.
DrCurry, Mar 31 2004

       If you know when you'd like to get your food out, you can send the fridge in a circle at nearly the speed of light (it can't go at exactly the speed of light), so it comes back to Earth by lunch time.
AO, Mar 31 2004

       No you can't [AO], as well you know.
gnomethang, Mar 31 2004

       I'm not sure I want to eat cake that's been through a few thousand G's of acceleration.
Worldgineer, Mar 31 2004

       [gnome] I can't, but somebody with the right equipment could.   

       [World] That's what tortillas are for.
AO, Mar 31 2004


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