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 (+4, -7)  "Ameri-bahns" 
 (+2)  Auto auto 
 (+6)  Capacitor-Based Semis and Highway 
 (+3, -5)  Corridor Across The States (CATS) 
   Covered Highway Wind Tunnel 
 (+8, -3)  Evel Knievel Onramps 
 (+16, -1)(+16, -1)  "Faster" Roads 
   Finish Ringway 2 
 (+4)  France Bypass 
 (+4)  Freeway Debris Removal Bungee Net 
 (+20, -2)(+20, -2)  Giant Softroller 
 (+12, -2)(+12, -2)  highway cover 
   Highway Demand Assessment 
 (+8, -5)  Highway Rolling Regenerative Service Station 
 (+1, -2)  Multi-Storey motorways 
 (-1)  OmniRoad 
 (+6)  Rail-stacked highway 
 (+2)  Roadside Animal-Mimic Landmines 
 (+14)(+14)  Safe Brake Lights 
   Speed Sensitive Roadway 
 (+18, -2)(+18, -2)  Tesla streetlighting 
 (+3, -4)  The Perfect Road 


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