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American autobahns with special license required
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I think there should be high-speed (as in maybe 125-150 mph speed limits) highways going up and down each coast like I-95 on the east coast, then across the middle of the country with branches to the northern and southern borders, so that people could travel long distances without having to travel on piddling 65-mph highways, which take forever to go long distances in. In order to be able to drive on these "Ameri-bahns" (I know the plural in German should be -en) drivers would have to pass a very stringent driving test to ensure their ability to control their car at high speeds. If they did not pass they could take a course that would teach them what to do and what not to do for an additional fee. Their car would also have to pass requirements to ensure that it is safe at sustained high speeds, meaning no wandering, shaking, lift because of poor airflow management, etc. Each time someone switches cars or modifies their car (or every five years since most cars gain a lot of mileage in that time), they and their car have to take the test again, since different cars handle very differently, especially at high speeds. Cars that are slow stock are not ruled out from this test, their owner just might want to modify it to make it a little better suited to high speeds.

All of the Ameri-bahns would have entrances and exits every 10-15 miles or so with long merging lanes to allow cars to get up to speed. Ameri-bahn construction would be funded by the normal road tax and by fees collected from the Ameri-bahn license tests.

Bert6322, Aug 03 2002

Montanabahn Paradox http://www.motorist...leases/montana.html
Reasonable and Prudent [thumbwax, Aug 03 2002]


       It would be cheaper to fly.
gootyam, Aug 03 2002

       UnaBubba, there are a suprising number of wrecked cars in that 'nothing' along the NT roads. Whether this is due to people travelling at warp speed while drinking VicBitter I do not know.
pfperry, Aug 03 2002

       Get the government to pull some of the airliners subsidies and invest in car carrying bullet trains. Much quicker and safer, can't crash them into buildings for a start.
dare99, Aug 03 2002

       Enter "Auto-Bohne." I crack myself up. But not as easily as I'd crack myself to pieces on these here roads.   

       Seriously, there are so many roads already! Are we going to have to build more? Sheesh. Although I do see what you're getting at, and I like it... maybe a few select high-speed roads here and there?
polartomato, Aug 05 2002

       True, it would be cheaper to fly, but some people are terrified of flying (I know a few) and others just enjoy driving (like me).
Bert6322, Aug 05 2002

       The problem with domestic cars is that most of them are simply not designed to travel at speeds of any more than 90mph. While they may have speedos that go up to 160 - this is usually marketing hype. At higher speeds the skills needed to control the car are exaggerated by the change of aerodynamics around the car. Most people simply do not have the reaction times needed to safely drive vehicles at 90mph - lots are questionable at 70! Those that do tend to be seen at weekends rushing round tracks (NASCAR or F1) with lots of sponsorship behind them.   

       That's why my friends in "Da Force" are pretty ruthless when dealing with people driving at very high speed. Even though they think they are safe, they are desperately unsafe to others in the same half-mile stretch of road that they are on.   

       Also, what do you do at the beginning and end of the motorway - you'd need mighty long runoff areas.
PeterSilly, Aug 05 2002

       I've just spent some time driving on the derestricted German Autobahnen and I'm totally sold on the idea. Lane 3 only contained expensive, well-designed cars (BMW, Merc, Audi, Jaguar etc) travelling at 150 - 160 kph and upwards, with the occasional Porsche and Ferrari hitting 200 kph. The drivers were careful, considerate and well behaved and I saw no problems or incidents in a 2 week period. I am totally in favour of this idea.
8th of 7, Aug 05 2002

       A good idea for those who want it. Those who don't can use other routes or means of travel.
dag, Aug 05 2002

       Actually I think this idea may be worth a bun given that you are considering it for Americans...
PeterSilly, Aug 05 2002


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