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Speed Sensitive Roadway

Different types of pavement on various lanes of highway.
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There is always someone who feels as if they need to be the police and go 55 mph in the left lane, so with this new system, they will feel uncomfortable going very slow in certain lanes. For instance, a 6 lane highway would have the farthest left lane built out of a certain material that would cause a vibrating sensation for cars going under say, 75; the middle lane would be made of something else that would cause the same sensation for cars going under 60, and the right lane would have another material that would produce vibrations under the posted speed limit.
thedoubler2, Mar 19 2004

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criminal surely [stupop, Oct 04 2004]


       [marked-for-deletion] incitement to commit a crime (i.e. break the speed limit).
suctionpad, Mar 20 2004

       I don't think that is a valid reason for marking-for-deletion. I mean we've had 'dig up the earth's core' on here before - surely that would be a crime.
stupop, Mar 22 2004

       Surely its quite the opposite from incitement to commit crime. Isn't the idea to enforce laned speed limits using some (unspecified) technology.
Bobble, Mar 22 2004

       //:I mean we've had 'dig up the earth's core' on here before - surely that would be a crime://   

       How would that be a crime exactly?
dickity, Mar 22 2004

       If the limit is 55mph and the road is uncomfortable to drive below 75mph, then there will be an encouragement to break the limit. And surely you would need some sort of permit before you could dig up the earth's core.
suctionpad, Mar 22 2004

       I don't think [suctionpad]'s m-f-d is valid.   

       A reason you couldn't use resonance and groves in the road would be the fact that there is a great diversity in wheel base's, width's and weight's.....   

       I like the idea but I have no useful solutions, right now.....
SystemAdmin, Mar 22 2004

       many roads near me have built in bumps on the surface that becomes quite jarring at speeds over the posted limit.   

       The Earth's Corp was a mediocre band at best, I don't think anyone should be digging them up, but I wouldn't say it was criminal.
ato_de, Mar 22 2004

       I'm not sure how *exactly* it would be a crime. If I were a lawyer I would probably try and go for either the health and safety angle or perhaps read up on international environment crime. Perhaps that was a bad example. The point is that the legality of an idea is not grounds for m-f-d (as set down in the help section) - If it was we wouldn't be able to have such categories as 'public: evil: abduction' which I think make the hb a better place.
stupop, Mar 22 2004

       How about reducing the speed instead of causing vibration? By covering the road surface in a thick layer of marmalade, marmite or similarly viscous, sticky material (say 6 inches or so), speeds would be reduced dramatically and braking would be improved.   

       You could use all those gritting machines that hang around moust of the year doing nothing to reapply the marmalade/marmite spread every so often, and it would also reduce the marmelade/marmite food mountains that build up every year and end up getting thrown away. Plus imagine the number of golly badges you could get!
waldrep, May 05 2004

       [suctionpad]: that is an absurd mfd call. Remove it, please. I'm not going to delete this idea.   

       [thedoubler2]: Please feel free to delete the mfd anno above.
bristolz, May 16 2004

       causing vibrations at specified speeds is relatively easy, from what i remember of my NVH lectures these vibrations occur normally in vehicles.
engineer1, May 17 2004


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