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(Google) Smart Commands UX

Intelligent command interface for OS or any app
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A command line interface, that asks you "did you mean", shows you various options, and gives you a resulting list of commands which you can choose to activate, re-activate, save etc.

This interface should include a simple and intuitive meta-interface, for creating these types of command-line interfaces.

Examples: 1.OS: A command line interface for DOS or Linux, when you CD to a directory and write "my docs important invention patent draft" it responds with Do you mean:
\\My Documents\ Important\Inventions\ Patent_Draft.xlsx [open doc] [show folder] [actions on document[v]] [actions with folder[v]]

2. Browser address bar: In the browser address bar, you start typing what you are searching for. It suggests meanings, but also keywords, and a list of posibilites. But rather than just giving a history list (like you currently get when you start typing), here you get a comprehensive list in plain english with various options.

e.g. Type velo bicycle vehicle lightweight fast it returns (similar to a search engine, but this time its searching in your search history and in the common search history):
Did you mean:
Velomobile [search] [define] [translate] [buy]
Add Keywords: [Ultralight] [Safest] [New] [History]
Velocycle [search] [define] [translate] [hire] [contact]

You recently looked at:
YouTube: Velomobiles in timbuktu [x] [comments (3)]
Blogspot: Velvel Volfovitchs Vlog on Volvo Vello's [x] [comments]
Maps: How to get to timbuktu [see related velomobile articles] [show map at [onlinemaps.com [v]]]

pashute, Aug 25 2009

DWIM http://catb.org/~es...on/html/D/DWIM.html
[Spacecoyote, Aug 27 2009]


       For your first example, currently you only need 8 keystrokes to reach the file (m[tab]i[tab]...), and the 'v' in //[actions on document[v]]// suspiciously look like some menu to be navigated with the mouse - switching from the keyboard to the mouse is notoriously inefficient, which is why most apps try to have pure-mouse or pure-keyboard inputs.
loonquawl, Aug 25 2009

       Correct, pressing tabs may do the job, but many doesn't, and many more you dont WANT to press the tabs, just to write the words with spaces, and allow for typos.   

       So improvement (reminder: this is hb): the UX will have keyboard shortcuts to choose from when under the interface, so never need the mouse under that context.
pashute, Aug 27 2009


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