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Free Text Organizer

Retrieve information that was just jutted down
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Instead of opening and fumbling and looking for the interface, just jutt down the phone numbers, names, ideas and everything else. The organizer asks you a few questions, which you can ignore if you don't have time. Questions like: is this a: 1. Phone number 2. ID 3. Other (enter). It learns with time what you want and what answers it should be giving you that satisfy you.

Works by weighted links (something like a neural network constantly being updated by the user).

You could even enter numbers your not sure of with a question mark or a slash 999 453/67 would be: "3 or 6 I'm not sure".

Possibly a thesaurus like interface could be used for retreival. You say: Jacob and it starts showing you information, categories and keywords till you get to what you want.

Color may help show what's "standard" info and what's deduced (and how far fetched the info is from the original link).

Favorites would be useful as well as a system for marking the organizer's answers, and giving it "incentive" to give better and better results.

I hope the idea is clear, if not, I'll tell it another way.

pashute, Nov 03 2002

Tinderbox http://www.eastgate.com/Tinderbox/
Organize notes any way you like. [Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004]

Seems like MS went for this idea! http://www.microsoft.com/onenote
MS OneNote [pashute, Oct 04 2004]

TheBrain http://www.thebrain.com
Also check out this.. [artist, Oct 04 2004]


       There's something called "Tinderbox", that lets you type, categorize, search, move notes around, even supposedly make a website out of them. It's for Mac only, so I've never tried it. If they had a PocketPC version...
Amos Kito, Nov 03 2002

       And didn't the Newton do something like this? (Never owned one, but I remember someone hyping this type of freestyle database about the same time.)
DrCurry, Nov 03 2002

       [Bitter:] Since this is halfbakery and I didn't really implement it, I have a feeling that my (imaginary) interface looks better.   

       // If every good idea get's baked what will be with us?
pashute, Nov 04 2002

       I would use this. I hate having to walk through the menus to scratch down a simple phone number.
RayfordSteele, Nov 05 2002

       See link...   

       Microsoft OneNote
Gates also talked about Microsoft OneNote, a new Microsoft Office application that's designed to let you capture notes from various sources and locations, then organize them in one location and format them more effectively. OneNote lets you write down information quickly without worrying where it's saved or how you'll find it again.
OneNote's tabbed interface lets you create and manage multiple notebooks to let you easily organize multiple pieces of information.
Scheduled for release in mid-2003, OneNote will also let Tablet PC users capture handwritten notes, pictures, and diagrams.

       -- Shucks. I seriously started raising interest in making this happen, together with some friends who are linguistics researchers.
pashute, Dec 18 2002


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