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(naked) Playboy Bunny Bagpipe Parade

bagpipe therapy
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To make the poor bagpipes a bit more attractive for some people, I propose that the Playboy Bunnies get out of the mansion and have a naked parade each cuddling their own set of bagpipes. There will actually be kazoos stuck into the mouthpieces, so that when they blow - you will hear a terrible kazoo sound, but no bagpipe music.

Now you can associate bagpipes with large breasted, attractive, naked women. This mind association will eventually lessen your fear and loathing of bagpipes.

xandram, Aug 26 2014

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[hippo, Sep 19 2014]


       + this will improve the world
vfrackis, Aug 26 2014

       Technically speaking, they won't be bunny girls if they are not wearing the daft outfit, as it's that which gives them the name....   

       Even with the mimetic nature of octopus skin bagpipes, it's not going to help as octopuses have no idea what a rabbit looks like.   

       So, I suggest a breeding program to give rabbits gills, to feel more at home in coral reefs.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 26 2014

       OK, they can wear the bunny ears!
xandram, Aug 26 2014

       Wouldn't a fully inflated bagpipe (or Scottsman's friend) prove an impenetrable shield of virtue, like a whining boyfriend, and induce yet more resentment?
4and20, Aug 26 2014

       I don't know the answer to that [4and20] but I did edit the title as it made reference to naked bagpipes.
xandram, Aug 26 2014

       //This mind association will eventually lessen your fear and loathing of bagpipes//   

       A dangerous idea that I'm personally against, it may backfire, the association might cause you to loath them as much as you do bagpipes instead.   

       <ponders momentarily how this might cut down on competition for aforementioned large breasted, attractive, naked women>   

       Ah... hang on a bit... actually on careful mature consideration I'm fully in favour of this idea.   

       <shuffles surreptitiously into corridor & dials phone>   

       'Hey [doc], you remember those bagpipe cancelling headphones of yours don't you... well, was wondering if you had any in stock, & if you ever finished the design for the glasses to go with them?'
Skewed, Aug 26 2014

       Well, at least it's not in other:general. Funny how my standards have changed over the years.
normzone, Aug 26 2014

       // changed //   

       Sp. "dropped" …   

       // Scottsman's friend //   

       Sp. "Scotchman"   

       And that's impossible. Scotchmen don't have any friends. The nearest they can get to a friend is another drunk they just haven't punched yet.   

       We are unable to endorse this idea, apart from the bit about breeding rabbits with gills, which is worthy of an idea in its own right.   

       As an interim, it might be possible to breed rabbits with very long tubular ears that function as schnorkels.   

       <decides not to mention tartan rabbit bagpipes>
8th of 7, Aug 26 2014

       Will the bagpipe play if drenched by an ice bucket challenge?   

       (I didn't read the idea yet...)   

       (ok now I did)   

pashute, Aug 26 2014

       I was thinking more of a tartan so garish it might repel mosquitoes. My own clan's tartan just happens to function exactly like camouflage when placed against a typical highland landscape.   

       8th has forgotten to do the "In today's news, a Scotsman lost all his luggage at Euston station, when the cork fell out." joke.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 26 2014

       //large breasted, attractive, naked women//

Well, if you find a chest full of silicon implants attractive, I suppose...<has sudden thought & rushes off to post the most appalling idea ever>
DrBob, Aug 30 2014

       Hmm, funny you should mention that, but returns to the silicone spiral, models get silicone, upload photos, people buy pc`s/tablets/whatever (which contain silicone) and view photos...so most of the economic activity of the last decade of the 20th century was silicone driven.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 30 2014


       You had me at (naked) [+]
Grogster, Aug 30 2014

       //Well, if you find a chest full of silicon implants attractive//   

       Silicone wasn't specified, just large, small would do equally well for me.   

       So what [Grog] said, just add //attractive// (which is obviously a factor that varies according to taste) ;)
Skewed, Aug 30 2014

       How did I miss this? It's like a red light flashing for fun. Yes, yes, let's get them dolled up and get those push-up bras on. Whoo-hooo. +
blissmiss, Aug 31 2014

       Immediate bun, but I'd be fine with them playing actual bagpipes as well (provided they can play, of course). Sadly, bagpipe music is like mead; you either like it or you don't, and no amount of exposure will change that.   

       Actually, exposure to enough mead at any one time will make most anything enjoyable.
Alterother, Sep 12 2014

       ... except bagpipes.
8th of 7, Sep 12 2014

       So let me get this straight. Fake breasted cosmetecly (inhancesed) imbicilic octogenerian screwing psycopaths... With bagpipes?
EkranoMan, Sep 18 2014

       Let me get this straight [Ekrano] - English is not your native language?
xandram, Sep 18 2014

       Don't take it to heart, i'm just messing around :)
EkranoMan, Sep 18 2014

       This sort of cheap gimmick reminds me of the NSC Theory - that is, the theory that any idea is improved through the addition of "Naked Scuba Chicks" (see link).
hippo, Sep 19 2014

       The girls are cheap to hire out!
xandram, Sep 19 2014

       "They were playing bagpipes? I didn't notice."
doctorremulac3, Sep 20 2014


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