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Par-Aids Balloon

aids virus balloon (former name)
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Aids hasn't gone away. It doesn't make the news headlines much these days, but it remains a devastating illness especially for those living in third world countries.

Par-Aids Balloon is a large inflated structure that can be included in any parade. It comes in three formats:

1 A Helium filled balloon to be carried above the parade, in the same manner as the characters at the famous Macy's parade in New York.

2 A large ground based rubber ball that is rolled along by a group of participants

3 The same ground based rubber ball, only a motorised version, where the virus's "protrusions" act as flexible suckers, which flex forwards to provide motion, power and direction.

see link for illustration to enable better understanding

xenzag, Feb 25 2012

Aids Virus http://www.turbosqu...v-aids-virus/288890
[xenzag, Feb 25 2012]


       //I may compose a better name//   

skinflaps, Feb 25 2012

skinflaps, Feb 25 2012


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