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Large-Figured Pride Day

Livin' Large and Lovely
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Large-bodied lovelies who are happy with themselves march in a parade, and maybe stage a fashion show and/or a beauty pageant displaying their abundant assets letting people know you don't have to be a toothpick who subsists on lettuce to feel good about yourself and have a rewarding life
Sparki, Aug 11 2001

just get thin http://free.freespeech.org/thin/
a little how-to [futurebird, Aug 11 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Fat Pride Group challenges Dance Industry http://www.bogusnew...ear2000/1220c.shtml
Ample people who want to live large on stage. [Aristotle, Aug 11 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Fat Acceptance http://www.naafa.org
[mrthingy, Aug 11 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

For [st3f] & [The Military] Why they're called google http://www.google.c...orporate/facts.html
Google is a play on the word googol...the number represented by 1 followed by 100 zeros. Google's use of the term reflects the company's mission to organize the immense amount of information available on the web. [-alx, Aug 11 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Short BBC story on obesity http://news.bbc.co....1171000/1171093.stm
25% of Ameicans obese, 20% of Britons overweight. [Pallex, Aug 11 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

they've actually done better that i thought... http://www.cnn.com/...y.weight/index.html
...philly is now third behind houston and detroit. [mihali, Aug 11 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       It would be earth-shaking. In its implications, I mean. Of course.
protean, Aug 11 2001

       Didn't someone already post this as a way to cause earthquakes?   

       //start rant// There are plenty of toothpicks out here who consume over 1000 calories a day and don't subsist on lettuce. The trick is that we actually work...you know, like real physical exercise instead of sitting on the couch eating junkfood and wasting our time worrying about how our nails, hair, and boyfriend/husband's underwear looks or what we can accomplish in the bathtub besides just getting clean...... //end rant//
Susen, Aug 11 2001

       Susen -- i exercise and am not large-figured, but this was just a human-rights matter. If you can have Gay Pride (I am a lady who is hetero, btw) why not Large-Figured pride?
Sparki, Aug 11 2001

futurebird, Aug 11 2001

       [Sparki] where does it end? Can I organize a "Shorter than Supermodels Pride Parade", an "Unnaturally Small Feet Pride Parade", and an "A-Cup Pride Parade" too? How about a parade for "Freckle Pride"?   

       I' m not sure how anyone can base their "pride" on something as inconsequential as random genetics and the shape of the body.
Susen, Aug 12 2001

       Quite so Susen. It might be better to have a catch-all "Pride Pride Parade". If you're proud of anything - anything at all - then you can show how proud you are about this by marching in a parade. Meanwhile the rest of us will be free to get on with some real work.
hippo, Aug 13 2001

       Isn't the point of Gay pride that they're an oppressed minority who generally can't express their sexuality in public except on this one day?   

       I see large people parading around every day of my life. Oppressed minority they ain't.
-alx, Aug 13 2001

       What if you like to think of yourself as humble and self-effacing (although being diffident, of course, you don't want to blow your own trumpet)? Could we have a Humility Pride Parade, for the people that are (sort of) proud (in a Ned Flanders way) of not being proud? Silent whistles, handkerchief-sized banners, tip-toeing through the streets, etc....   

       "We're out. We're proud. We're not disturbing anyone, are we? Are you sure? Honestly?"
Guy Fox, Aug 13 2001

       Nice mental image. Its got to be worth 30 seconds as an `And finally...` feature on the news at the very least!
Pallex, Aug 13 2001

       well that part's Baked - there was a demonstration a few years ago when a popular Radio 4 soap was under threat somehow; people gathered outside Broadcasting House and called out
"What do we want?"
"The Archers!"
"When do we want it?"
"What do we say?"
lewisgirl, Aug 13 2001

       Fat Pride exists (see link).
Aristotle, Aug 13 2001

       That was BOGUS NEWS! It's a FANTASY!
Sparki, Aug 13 2001

       Sparki: You're quite right it was entirely bogus! However it was so funny I'll demure from deleting it.
Aristotle, Aug 14 2001

       I don't think obesity is anything to proud of. In fact, it's major public health issue in the U.S.
mrthingy, Aug 14 2001

       Why do people in the US say they can't help fat it's their Genes or their Glands?   

       Why does this "Illness" only affect americans?   

       Why is it a complete coincidence that the sufferers get little exercise and eat badly???   

       I agree with MrThingy - this is a majot health problem and unless america deals with it it will be it's downfall.
CasaLoco, Aug 14 2001

       Actually, according to Time magazine (November 1, 1999) the U.S. is by far the fattest country on Earth, with 54% of the population overweight. Woo-hoo! We rock!
mrthingy, Aug 14 2001, last modified Aug 15 2001

       I'm willing to be corrected by hard data, but my experience suggests otherwise, waugs. It may be skewed by the fact that I live in the South (U.S.), but when I travel in Europe (not infrequently), the lower incidence of obesity is pretty striking. I don't know if this is related, but I also find a much wider selection of clothes in my relatively small size (37S suits, U.S.) in Milan and Paris than in the U.S. Again, this may be because at home I'm shopping in a relative backwater rather than a major city.
beauxeault, Aug 14 2001

       The idea of large people being any sort of minority in any sense I find amusing. But then, I have a BMI of 15.4 (and I'm still alive).
Trouvere, Aug 14 2001

       I'm very proud of the number 10 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 which is 10^100 and by some quirk referred to as a google - something which may endear it to the bakers present. It is also, to complete the description, a very large figure indeed.   

       [added a zero - I realised that I'd posted this with one zero short (curiously while I was asleep). Thanks to [beauxeault] for pointing it out, though]
st3f, Aug 14 2001, last modified Aug 15 2001

       "Googol", actually. But your slant is a prize nonetheless. (Fixed quotes. Thanks, [st3f].)
The Military, Aug 14 2001, last modified Aug 16 2001

       All these years I've been spelling it incorrectly. I'm so ashamed. By the way, [The Military], your quotes are asymmetric. :o)
st3f, Aug 14 2001

       How about expanding it to plain old "figure" day... people taking pride in the shape of their bodies, instead of trying to imitate the unnatural proportions of supermodels and body builders? Be proud of your height, foot size, and all of your bulges and lacks of bulges.
rebekkahshiri, Aug 14 2001

       Great idea. I LOVE big women! Let me know when the parade is on!
soulaar, Aug 15 2001

       //But look at all the moral and aesthetic outrage provoked by your idea. Right there we have evidence that people perceived as too fat are also perceived as laughable, lazy, morally inferior, stupid, trailer trash, and so forth.//   

       [Mephista], and right here we have evidence that people who are perceived of as thin are also perceived as starving themselves, and would have low self-esteem and dreadfully unrewarding lives if they were not thin.   

       //you don't have to be a toothpick who subsists on lettuce to feel good about yourself and have a rewarding life//   

       You're right, I was morally outraged by [Sparki]'s idea....but not for the reasons you claim. For the record, today I had breakfast (2 eggs, 4 slices of toast), lunch (two tomato sandwiches on whole wheat toast with Miracle Whip) and dinner (shrimp stir-fry, french fries with salt and pepper, and 2 BIG slices of Cheese Cake for dessert). Plenty of Mountain Dew and Juice Drinks all day too as well as three bananas and two apples for snacks. Just hopped off the scale, 106 lbs. (on a 5'6" frame).
Yeah, I subsist on lettuce....

       How come everyone who tells me I'm sooooo lucky to be able to eat what I want and stay thin also spends their days sitting on their butts and still eating whatever they want? And I should feel sorry for them why? Fat is NOT healthy. Not exercising is NOT healthy. Also, I do disagree....You can be too thin (but not too rich). There are many eating disorders where women/girls make themselves too thin. Yet, we call that an "eating disorder". Why shouldn't being too fat also be called what it is? It too is an eating disorder.
Susen, Aug 15 2001

       [st3f] — Please, no shame! Despite the twist of spelling, Kasner's big number was named by his son after the boy's favorite comic-strip character, Barney Google.
The Military, Aug 15 2001

       [Meph]: It's a googolplex.
angel, Aug 15 2001

       Well, <rough calculations> Avagadro's number would hold that there are 6*10^23 atoms per mole of stuff or, say 10^25 subatomic particles. Let's say that there are roughly 1000 moles of anything per cubic metre and the Earth is 10^12 cubic metres, that takes us up to 10^40 subatomic particles in the Earth. Let's say that the solar system consists of 10^10 Earth masses and that the galaxy consists of 10^8 solar systems, then we're up to 10^58 subatomic particles. The universe might contain 10^10 galaxies (this is the number I'm least sure about) and so contains 10^68 subatomic particles (and if I'm a few orders of magnitude out, who cares?) - meaning that not only are there a lot less than a googolplex of subatomic particles, but that, because a googolplex contains a googol of zeros when written down you wouldn't even be able to write a googolplex down. </rough calculations>

(How about an "I'm self-confident enough that I don't feel the need to march to affirm my identity and anyway, I'm not that irritatingly self-important" Pride Day?)
hippo, Aug 15 2001

       [Meph]: To paraphrase [hippo], no.
[hippo]: It's called 'staying at home.'
angel, Aug 15 2001

       "It's time to squeeze out of the closet and declare your stoutness." (Mel Smith, Not the Nine O'Clock News - sadly I couldn't find a link to this classic sketch).
DrBob, Aug 15 2001

       st3f, I believe you need to multiply your number (99 zeroes) by 10 to make it a googol.   

       So is 10^99 a Gogol?
beauxeault, Aug 15 2001

       Rebekka! Yes! Body Pride day -- for every BODY! A bakers' dozen of croissants for that one
Sparki, Aug 15 2001

       I guess this is because the gay pride parades do such a good job at demonstrating to the straight public that gay rights is an important social issue and not just a bunch of pervs who will stick their Clinton into just about anything?
Bonarein, Aug 15 2001

       Might we hope as well for Head Pride Day -- for every HEAD?
The Military, Aug 16 2001

       Military: or One Pride Parade, for every one?   

       // I see large people parading around every day of my life // [-alx]: Odds are, you see gay people parading around every day of your life, too. Gasp!   

       I think a vast multiplication of Pride Parades would be a wonderful thing. Everyone should have two or three. Fat Pride. Scrawny Pride. Straight Pride. Reads Romance Novels Pride. Obsessively Watches Bad Television Pride. Relates All Events To Pet Socio-Economic Theory Pride. Pedants' Pride. Ashamed Peoples' Pride. And of course the Halfbakers' Pride Parade.
wiml, Aug 16 2001

       Do you think we could get the big breadmaker, Mothers Pride, to sponsor our parade, so we could have the Mothers Pride Halfbaker's Pride?   

       On the various "fat people...eugh" issues raised: As an archetypal skinny bugger, I think most medical folks will tell you that either extreme - overweight or underweight - is unhealthy. With some people, it's metabolism; with others it's lifestyle. Does it matter?   

       IMHO, aesthetically, the disgust reaction is entirely "valid"... in so far as any knee-jerk emotional judgement is, but I think extending this to a "moral" judgement (i.e. judging people's eating habits as critiqueable [Is that a word? It is now.] in regards to accepted mores) is dodgy to say the least. I think this is part of the logic behind homophobia; "This disgusts me. Therefore it is *bad*". The way someone eats is no more a matter for moral meddling, I'd say, than what they do in bed with other consenting adults.   

       Pride marches are there partly to point this out, and some of the reactions here make the case for Big-Boned Pride... but they're also a sort of community bonding ritual, as I see it. I don't go to Gay Pride marches because I don't see sexuality as a defining feature of my social identity. Admittedly, I'm a bit suspicious of "victim culture", support group dependence and such, but identifying yourself as Gay, Fat, Thin, etc., etc., or as a victim of some other societal prejudice can be a bit limiting for my liking. But maybe that's just me.   

       Man, I still can't decide whether to croissant or fishbone this idea.   

       </rambling indecision>
Guy Fox, Aug 16 2001

       I agree with Guy Fox about turning emotional reactions into moral judgements, and I also agree with him about pinning labels to yourself but if people want to march then let 'em, I say. It's not compulsory to join in is it? Becuse I'd rather spend my time in the pub, stocking up for that famine of Mephista's.(See, that's the trouble with us 'stout' types. If we spent more time marching and less time consuming calories we'd be considerably less stout - disease & genetics aside, that is).
DrBob, Aug 16 2001

       To see a woman of 30 years (I asked) of little movement slopping down an ice cream sandwich with remnants of chocolate and vanilla covering her fat face while she sits in a chair weakened by her very presence as rolls of fat threaten to burst the seams of every stretch of fabric that covers her 'dry heave inducing' flesh is not my idea of eye candy in any way, shape or form. And I sure as hell don't want to encourage the fattening of civilization any more than the population which exists now which is reaching epidemic proportions by means of a parade.
Croissants should be given to those who want them and know how to exercise or work them off, fishbones to those who need to pump their metabolism up - want to or not. One can increase their metabolism just by introducing movement in a place where it did not exist previously. I see shocking numbers of fat kids - (rare is the sight of a child of what used to be considered 'average' weight) going home from school moving at a snails pace, whereas - a mere 30 years ago there was 1 person out of 60 in my age group who was slightly moderately heavier than average - and did something about it - she later became a U.S. Bellydancing Champion - and was Principal of the same school we attended. 1 other school chum (1 year behind) who was quite heavy - as was 1 brother of his (4 years ahead) - also focused their attention on losing weight and are both thinner than myself - and quite healthy (in their own words) - their father owned a diner during their formative years. Those were the only 3 kids out of over 300 in my primary school years who had extra pounds - 1 percent in my own case study. The same cannot be said for todays population of youth - why encourage slovenly behavior for another generation?
There seems to be confusion on what constitutes a serving. A serving is what fits in the palm of each individuals hand.
With 'sin foods', one can make a simple distinction - At room temperature, if the 'guilty pleasure' item is soft, it is less healthy than one which is solid - for instance, 2 chocolate chip cookies - one soft recipe - one of a crispy recipe - the soft one will contain more fat. Practice that comparison at your own peril. But please, I beg of you - don't waddle en masse - it will kill my appetite.
thumbwax, Aug 16 2001

       Actually, I'm converted (to neutrality). If people are allowed to be proud of things like the area of landmass they were born on or which group of men kicking a ball they like, then they should be allowed to celebrate their own body image, even if it's not to everyone's taste.
-alx, Aug 16 2001

       Sure, they should be *allowed* to celebrate it, but that doesn't mean that I should *approve* of them so doing, by pastrifying this idea.
angel, Aug 16 2001

       Yeah, that's my new standpoint (have switched from fishbone to neutral).
-alx, Aug 16 2001

       did anyone hear the news reports a couple of months ago that philadelphia was the fattest city in the u.s.? (don't ask me how they came up with the evidence to back that up) well, the mayor encouraged the city's population to start eating a little less and healthier, and maybe do a little exercise and now, philadelphia is proud to be the second fattest city in the u.s. behind houston! (according to the last news blurb i heard on the subject) that's quite an accomplishment for a couple of months of work! bravo, philly! i'll try to post a link to the story if i can find one.
mihali, Aug 16 2001

       Well I've always thought philly was phat...   

       How about phat pride?
futurebird, Aug 16 2001

       Say it loud!
The Military, Aug 16 2001

       OOoooo. I think I'll move to houston.
soulaar, Aug 16 2001

       How about "Pedant Pride"? We are almost certainly a minority, and persecuted at that.
jabbers, Aug 23 2001

       You know, I've read through a good bit of these, reading about how fat people are lazy, and how its our own fault we're fat, and how we make excuses up. Well some of us have this problem with our thyroid that causes us to be fat. Some of us have medical problems that prevent us from being able to get up and around to work it off. SOME of us have tried to lose weight, and in doing so are STILL laughed at. So do me a favor, and before you talk about how we don't try, stuff the largest object you have around you in your mouth and leave it there.
lpgcfreak, Feb 10 2003

       Scene - Family living room. A mother and father are seated on a sofa, their son on a chair beside them.
Son: I'm glad you two are here together with me. I've got something to tell you.
Mother: Go on...
Son: You know, I've always felt a little different from the rest of the kids. Even when I was very young I knew.
Father: I see...
Son: You see, mom, dad, I'm OBESE!
Mother: (gasp!)
Father: Oh my GOD! Are you sure? I mean, this could be a phase or something!
Son: I'm sure. In fact, you know when I told you I was going to gym to work out these last few months?
Mother: Yes?
Son: I was (sob!) actually going to Over-Eaters Anonymous! (breaks down)
Dad: Well... this is... just great! All we NEED is a fat kid in our family! He probably got too much attention from his MOTHER!
Cedar Park, Feb 11 2003

       I can't quite believe that he's got away with it for so long without even a murmur of dissent so I'd just like to congratulate hippo for that breathtaking piece of hypocrisy in the last sentence of his first anno. How you could sit there, hippo, logged onto the halfbakery, and type such a thing shows chutzpah of the highest order. I humble myself before you.
DrBob, Feb 11 2003

       It ain't over 'til the fat lady swings.
thumbwax, Feb 11 2003

       Go run on a treadmill or something. Better yet ride a bike.
Madcat, Apr 10 2003

       I propose that in 10 years, the many overweight children currently in the USA will form the majority of adults. In majority there is always pride. While I'm all for a large-figured pride day now, it will become unnecessary and even obnoxious in 10 years. <Enter> Do you prefer halibut or swordfish, sparki?
phundug, Apr 11 2003

       Just what we need! Another reason to march!   

       The thought of the Obese Brigade parading in formation is more depressing than snow in April.
grecosartre, Apr 11 2003

       Errm. Hi. My name's not really matsa, but that's another story. I'd just like to say that I'm new here and it's nice to see a thread like this. :-)
matsa, Sep 01 2003

       [futurebird] Phat Pride? That something for snowboarders?   

       [matsa] Guess what. my name isn't squeak either!
squeak, Sep 01 2003

       When I was in Philly in July, the hotel I was booked into was hosting the Philly Bash on the last couple of days I was there. We rapidly found out that the Philly Bash was for oversized folks who were proud of it and wanted to meet like-minded oversized folks. It was very difficult to stop my jaw from dropping at the size of some of these people.
PeterSilly, Sep 01 2003

       Everyone is missing the point here. This is really an excuse to get fat people to exercise by making them walk a mile or two.
GenYus, Feb 12 2004

       No,it'd really have to be a shorter parade route than that.
DonBirnam, Feb 12 2004

PinkDrink, Aug 02 2004

       Maybe they could ride electric scooters in the parade...
GutPunchLullabies, Aug 02 2004


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