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*More* Informative "please hold" tone

Listen and Learn
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Following on from [Joker_of_the_deck]'s idea about common technical problems being addressed whilst on hold for a service line, how about being educated instead of wasting your time listening to a tinny version of 'Greensleeves' for half an hour. Wouldn't our time be better employed listening to a basic explanation of the Theory of Relativity, or a recitation (is that even a word?) of the Iliad? If you decide not to learn you can tune out, but if you have any desire to better yourself you can take note.
sambwiches, May 25 2003

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       Stop changing the title!   

       Anyway, a number of companies around here put news radio on the holding channel. Of course, they always pick up right when the announcer is getting to something you really wanted to know.
DrCurry, May 25 2003

       In other news: Alien Invasion. Two hundred flying saucers landed near Canberra today and demanded that all people of the earth <click> Hi this is Mike, can I help you?
reap, May 25 2003

       If your name is *sambwiches* - you're our big winner of 1 Billion tax-free US Dollars! There's one catch, though - All you have to do within the next 30 seconds is <click>la-la-la All operators are standing by or assisting other callers please continue to hold. la-la-la<click>20 seconds to go - *sambwiches* - just follow the instructions I gave you - 15 seconds - Once again, *sambwiches* all you need to <click>Hi, this Mike, can I help you?
thumbwax, May 26 2003

       "You can't put me on hold, I'll put you on hold! 'Thank you for calling, there are...8...calls ahead of you...and the Wichita lineman is still on the line!'" - Homer Simpson
Spacecoyote, Oct 23 2007

       I'm bumping this because I think it's a good idea.
phundug, Oct 08 2008

       //I'm bumping this because I think it's a good idea.//   

       Cheers. You wouldn't know it from the dearth of buns :)
sambwiches, Oct 08 2008

       Well, I think it's wonderful (+)
normzone, Oct 08 2008

       I was put on hold by Virgin Mobile, and was given a choice of what music to listen to...
CJF, Oct 08 2008

       //and was given a choice of what music to listen to...//   

       That sounds pretty good. Depends on the choice though, I suppose...   

       "Press one for a muzak version of Cliff Richard's Summer Holiday. Press two for Cliff Richard's Mistletoe and Wine. Press three for Cliff Richard's... etc. etc."
sambwiches, Oct 09 2008


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