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Non Insanity Causing On Hold Soundtrack

Birds singing in the trees, summer rain, wind chimes, anything but that horrible music.
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I understand being on hold it’s good to have some audio indicator that you haven’t been disconnected. So why does it have to be torture? Soothing nature sounds might be a lot better than that horrible elevator music.

The worst is when they repeat some message every three minutes that includes “thank you for holding”. Ironically the best way to thank me for holding is to stop repeating “thank you for holding...thank you for holding...thank you for holding...thank you for holding...”

Might as well play an air horn every five seconds to keep the caller awake. “Thank you for holding! We love you! HOOONK!!!!”.

Pretty bird songs, gentle breeze rustling tree leaves, even a cat purring. Anything but God awful elevator music.

doctorremulac3, Feb 06 2021

Descent II Soundtrack https://www.youtube...hannel=StarManAevum
per anno, might make an acceptable on-hold playlist. [whatrock, Feb 07 2021]


       They want you to hang up. QED
pocmloc, Feb 06 2021

       Perhaps the script could be a little more honest ... ?   

       "Thankyou for calling us. Something you have, probably your money, is important to us, although we care little or nothing for you as a person. Your call is in a queue, and will be answered as soon as an operator becomes available, bearing in mind that we have to balance the costs of our call centres against the amount of resource we hope to extract from you, for the minimum of effort on our part. This is a direct function of a competitive free-market economy. You may wish to try accessing our services via our website, which has a lower per-unit transactional cost to us and therefore we prefer, as it allows us to run the call centre with lower staffing levels - in fact, one of the reasons for the queue is to try and induce (in a subtle way) our customers to migrate to a purely digital platform. You can also download our app to your phone, which we really like, as it gives us all sorts of useful information about you and your life outside your interaction with us, which we can not only use to chisel more resource out of you, but sell to others to they can parasitize you in ways you can't even imagine. Thankyou for calling us. Something you have, probably your money, is important to us .... "
8th of 7, Feb 06 2021

       //They want you to hang up.//   

       All my this. It's as annoying as they can be without getting obvious.   

       See also: managed dissatisfaction. All companies do this whether they admit it or not.
Voice, Feb 06 2021

       I was about to agree with [8th], but then I cast my mind back to what it was like before.   

       In the good old days, there were no indications of how long you would have to hang on the phone, no short cuts for common enquiries and a greatly increased chance of being passed very slowly from one unhelpful person to another until being randomly cut off.   

       What we have now is actually better than that.
pertinax, Feb 07 2021

       I prefer the systems that take your number and call you back when someone is ready (or almost ready) to talk.
scad mientist, Feb 07 2021

       Perhaps you could have a Hold menu:   

       Press 1 for Classic Rock, 2 for 80's pop, 3 for burps and farts, 4 for Screaming Thrash Death Metal, 5 for birds chirping, 6...
whatrock, Feb 07 2021

       I've never been able to understand metal. How can you like music consisting of discord and screams?
Voice, Feb 07 2021

       I can't explain it either.   

       OTOH in 1996 a video game, Descent II, came with an industrial metal soundtrack (link) that seemed perfectly paired with the game flow, probably because it was entirely instrumental. No screams or grunts, just a bit of maniacal laughter. Might add a different zing for Hold music.
whatrock, Feb 07 2021

       //How can you like music consisting of discord and screams?// Well plenty of people pay good money to go to the Opera!
pocmloc, Feb 07 2021

       Wait, I've got a better idea.
doctorremulac3, Feb 07 2021

       ^ well that's why we all live here, isn't it.
whatrock, Feb 07 2021


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