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dial, record, listen, download as MP3
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For all those situations where you would like to record a conversation but you didn't bring anything that can record. Or you don't want to make it too obvious that you are recording.

After recording you can immediately listen to it and let others listen to it.

When you hang up after recording you receive a text message with the unique number of your recording so you can call back and play it.

Or you can send the number of your recording at that service to other so they can listen. Maybe it should be 0800 RECORDIT and 0900 LISTENBACK.

On the website you can download it as MP3 for a small fee.

Just before the conversation you want to record you say 'wait, let me turn of my phone' and you put it on the table, while in fact you are dialing this service.

As an extra service you can also buy a certificate that it was indeed your number the call came from.

For example, when you are in a traffic accident, you immediately pick up your phone and push record. You get out of the car and the guilty party starts shouting insults to you, providing evidence of his guilt. No arguing in court afterwards when he denies ever having said what he said.

rrr, Jun 11 2004

baked! Tapecall is the name of the Dutch service http://www.tapecall.net/
more or less a service as described [rrr, Nov 08 2004]

baked! Safecall http://www.safecall.nl
dial a 0900 number and receive the call as MP3 [rrr, Jan 20 2005]

Record-A-Call Record-A-Call
what's the protocol for linking similar ideas together - earlier idea linked to later idea or visa versa? [xaviergisz, Apr 20 2007]


       Depends on what you do with it I think. For example, you might want to analyse what you are doing wrong during job interviews. As long as you keep it private, who cares?   

       The legality of it will most likely be different under different legal systems. Realise the idea where it is legal.
rrr, Jun 11 2004

       We had some such set-up at an inter-dealer broker I used to work for (since the verbal agreements to buy or sell counted as binding contracts, we recorded the brokers' lines, including the 1-800 dial-in lines, and we used some of the latter to give people the ability to place long distance calls from outside the office).   

       Legality depends on locale. Around here, as long as one party knows the conversation is being recorded, it's fine.   

       This is a good idea, but wouldn't this be better with an up-front PIN number for identification?
DrCurry, Jun 11 2004

       [arrrhahrh "PIN number" arrhahrahh.]
No. What for?
jutta, Jun 11 2004

       sorry <Jutta> was that scream because a PIN isn't needed or because you dont need to follow 'PIN' with 'number' because thats what the 'N' standes for. I back you up on both counts BTW.
etherman, Jun 11 2004

       I suspect the latter, and I do not apologize, since I am only following what is now common usage.   

       As to the former, easier, I think, to set up a PIN number in advance, along with an email address for the MP3/link, than have to enter your credit card number and write down the reference number every time you use the service.
DrCurry, Jun 11 2004

       ...Or you could call your office line and leave a message on your own voice mail message box.
Porsche911, Jun 11 2004

       voice mail has a finite memory usually. I would suggest that this service would be able to record for hours.
etherman, Jun 11 2004

       [+] As far as legality, it could have the option of beeping loudly every 15 seconds, which would make it legal in California and other areas with strong privacy laws. It could use caller ID to detect your location and automatically turn on the beep in those areas where it's mandated.   

       The privacy laws usually dictate that both parties must agree to taping private conversations, or that the conversation must be somewhere that is not assumed to be private (such as a restaurant or sidewalk).   

       Folks: Privacy is a good thing. You may not think you need it for yourself, but the next Martin Luther King Jr. will need to not be shut down by the next malicious agents. I can see legitimate use to record non-private conversations.
sophocles, Nov 08 2004

       I think here it is legal to record a conversation without a person's knowledge if you are present. It becomes a problem if you are recording at a distance, which becomes 'bugging' if you install the transmission equipment yourself or 'tapping' if you are accessing pre-installed but private transmission equipment.
wagster, Nov 08 2004


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