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Synchronized Voicemail

one mailbox for landline, office line, and cell phone
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Ever get a message on your voice mail that says "I just left you a message on your cellphone" and then proceeds with telling you the same thing that you just heard on that voice mail. Or ever call a person's office line, hang up, then call their cellphone, no answer. You hang up when you remember that the guy never checks messages on his cellphone.

Here is the idea... coordinate the voicemail boxes. Regardless of whether a call is received on the home land line, the cellphone or the office phone, or the second cellphone or the second office line, etc. it all goes to one voice mail system that can be checked from any of them.

Goesta Berling, May 12 2007


       Eliminates any possible excuse for not repsonding to a message. Also not good for those of us with multiple identities.
nuclear hobo, May 12 2007

       A less strenuous alternative to "Synchronized Swimming"?
jutta, May 12 2007

       Brilliant idea! The only issue would be that the caller wouldn't know you had tied the systems together, so you would still sometimes get the same message twice, as they call your landline then your mobile. [+]
Soapy, Jun 01 2007

       Not sure if i am understanding this correctly since i figure this is what Unified Messaging is all about...i strongly believe this has been baked several times in the world.
quantass, Dec 01 2007


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