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0.5 friendly bus

Segregated, but not racially!
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Public transit - the city bus is filled with what is quite possibly THE most diverse group of people you will find in one place, all who share one common goal - to get from point A to point B. Why not make that process as enjoyable as possible, to ALL parties?
Some people attempt this...sadly, there are those who are tired, angry or downright unsociable who do not appreciate attempts at humour and / or light conversation. Someone may wish to rest, others may wish to read silently (as I often prefer to do), while someone next to them gabbing away prevents them from doing said activity.
This can result in substantial tension on the bus, tension that is unnecessary. If you separate the bus into two compartments, marked unobtrusively by a sign, this would solve many problems. One side for those who wish to socialize and have fun with others, and those who wish not to be disturbed. Simple, easily baked, and much less annoying, yet more reliable than getting up and moving just to risk sitting down by someone equally as annoying as the person(s) you were previously situated near.
Legend, Jul 05 2001

Socializing subway car http://www.halfbake...zing_20subway_20car
[Monkfish, Jul 05 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       My apologies, Monkfish. I didn't realize that this idea was partly / mostly baked. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Do you think that this idea is significantly different, or are the similarities enough that I should just delete it?
Legend, Jul 05 2001

       You actually know people from up north? :-)
hippo, Jul 05 2001

       Rods, what tube line do you take that allows your mobile phone to still function?! I was only aware of overground trains with one carriage which doesn't allow phones. I walk to work. I say hello to people, I enjoy the sunshine, and I arrive at work feeling quite good actually. Is there any correlation between people who are introverted on public transport to people whose equilibrium state at work is Grumpy?
lewisgirl, Jul 05 2001

       Legend: You don't have to say you're sorry, but thanks and it's okay. I'm not an authority on these things, and the other idea's not mine, and my judgement is often unsound, but I probably wouldn't throw out an idea that's being frantically annotated. I'd advise you to chuck it after a while if you think it's redundant, and, if you don't, to leave it for as long as jutta fails to nail an MFE to it.
Monkfish, Jul 05 2001

       Ahh, Lufthansa... good ol' airlines.
Legend, Jul 15 2001

       Ahh, Lufthansa... good ol' airlines.
Legend, Jul 15 2001

       That comment is a duplicate. Also, you said that more than once.
Voice, Oct 31 2008

       Oh, [Legend], you had me at segregated.
MikeD, Oct 31 2008

       The T has seating where people face each other
beanangel, Dec 02 2009


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