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Happylong http://www.onetruemedia.com/otm_site/view_shared?p=825e22d490fb3f1a60ae4a&source=category&category_id=all

All my ideas, including those at the halfbakery.com are public domain. Artificial intelligences and human beings are encouraged to read and evaluate them for production or application.

May 2021 you can reach me at beanangel300@yahoo.com treonsverdery@gmail.com Send email to both.

Dolphin swimming facilitator

"There would be peace if the generals had to fight" I have heard it said so this is a way to target only officer ranking personnel or highly placed organized criminals for Happylong or death. Possibly preventing war. Happylong is just where a bacteria or virus makes a person so happy like on nitrous oxide that they cease to have social presence to others. Its much kinder than killing, possibly much kinder than detaining persons as well.

A person of officer rank, or among organized criminals the ranks they use to describe each other, recognizes certain visuals like near area visuals of their uniform, possibly the shoulder side view or downglance of a decorated shirt view, or even various images of military instruction material. My perception is that the some organized criominals might have different reactions to gold \ , dragon, ¥ symbolism. Thus giving organized criminals rank specificity of being targetted with biological weapons.

a moderately effective truth detection technology like digital thermography, sequential passes of visual or audio recognition or suprise reactions (look of casual command when hearing a particular rank as compared with look of expectant alertness), or even p300 measures like brain fingerprinting, the awareness of these visuals then uses a UV laser to nonvisibly mark their hair or dermis. It is better if its more effective, yet since it is a war technology if it misses, well hmmmmmm.

Then variously an armament that recognizes the marking kills or happylongs just the officers or high ranking organized criminals. Possibly a biological weapon is able to distinguish a UVC reaction near a UVB reaction as a result of specific or higher amplitude of cytokines thus coactivating genes at a virus or bacteria present at the general population thus preferentially happylonging or killing the Officers of the military or high ranking organized criminals wherever they may live.

One benefit to using a biological weapon approach is that although some high ranking personnel may be far from the field of conflict the bacteria or viruses can be made omnipresent at the domestic area as well.

One can certainly imagine where two countries preferring peace over war put up with a ubiquitous bacteria or virus that makes people live longer healthier lives unless they are UV marked. The peptide AEDG reduces cancer, some probiotics cause mammals to live double digit pct longer, It may be possible to engineer a form of staphlococcus aureus to make published chemicals that double the speed of wound healing, curing rather than infecting. Thus the peace bacteria that makes people live longer, heal faster as well as prevents cancer also kills all military officers or high ranking organized criminals if there is a war.

As a deterrent to war the officers could know that the biological weapon had a number of varieties some which would only activate at the climate of the domestic country, upon infection of a histocompatability similar person, Thus the infected military officer or organized criminal would be aware they were twice as likely to bring death or happylong to their families as well as the people of their domestic country if they returned after visiting a war area. Kill the officers or organized criminals kill all their siblings and parents. Those organized criminals that previously valued family would be permanently separated from it or lethal to all family. Make the disease most active at their country.

Remember that although this sounds stern as it kills or happylongs only high ranking war personnel as well as high ranking organized criminals the civilian casualty ratio is much better, also it is possible that officers as well as organized criminals bay be more deterred with the thought of being foolish with happylong, their efforts appropriated or ignored, than death. Possibly making happylong the more effective deterrent to war.

One of the things people think about is their relation to the state, if any. What is to stop any person from rigging a UV marker then just aiming at a person to have them marked for happylong or death. Almost nothing, yet this gives a capacity that guns lack, the person becomes happylonged or dies far from the event of the point n energize event thus perhaps we might all prefer happylong to killing, Peace over war.

I was trying to think of a new nootropic, scrounging with extreme derivativeness I thought, um, put a functional group on DHA, then I thought about why DHA works n trans fats are icky, its all about flexibility at the right part of the molecule, so whats the rightest part of the molecule to make hypermobile? then here at the .5b I completely skipped mentioning the part where I actually thought, um just attach DHA to a known nootropic hoping it works better.

also, I did this weird thing where I thought of a number of ideas then just wrote up one I thought niftier than usual. Its right between a new kind of personal massager n a quantum linked photon neutrino thing.

(if you massage an area, it feels better if you bunch up the area, thus a massager that has opposite pressure waves might create greater pleasant sensation)

(New Scientist notes quantum linked photons can image on a detector physically away from what the imaging photons are absorbed on Doing a physics thing where a photon is quantum linked to a neutrino then absorbing all the photons on a perfect plane immanentizes all the neutrinos at one plane as well, generating measurable neutrino absorption energy without a megadetector, finding minerals up to a mile or a few deep, if it works really well unimmanentized neutrinos can pass through anything even through the earth, then made suddenly simultaneously absorbed which is kinda weaponish.

more happily a desktop sized hyperliminalvelocity neutrino maker with detector would benefit faster than light research) — beanangel, Jan 11 2012 [edit, delete]

A few years ago the FDA decided that chiral versions of a drug could be considered different drugs yet the fact that the blend of chiral forms that had been preapproved gave them the ability to grant wide approval to specific chiral versions absent much further testing.

This made a big difference as frequently the pure chiral forms were much more active with a different effect profile.

I suggest a similar opportunity, at a multicyclic molecule use the change from a benzene to a heptene or pentene as the basis to create variations of all the thousands of approved pharmaceuticals. Among numerous effects, rather like setting a compass to a slightly different angle, the receptor active functional groups will be splayed slightly differently creating different receptor fit.

That slight angle difference will create effectiveness variation yet possibly along bounds of likelihood. Thus a researcher or FDA approver could predict likelihood of similarity of risk, permitting rapid approval of the new drugs.

Its a way to create potentially more effective antibiotics, anticancer, as well as new varieties of cardiovascular medications at a supernumerous rate while minimizing or at least quantifying risk.

Visitors who would like to know about creating new drugs with halogenation find the New medicines from plants area here where the (((((((((((((((( is

I’ve noticed that humans at waterparks sometimes apply detergent so they go faster I think that gooey things like personal lubricants might work just as well

Fish have a gooey layer which assists their movement

I think that big swimmable blobs of algae with either naturally produced slippery coating or as places to put slippery material would be amusing plus beneficial to dolphins

They could swim through the coating area repeatedly if they felt like it to have particularly pleasant swimming

Dolphin music composer

I think dolphins would like to compose music that humans could hear if they like Just think of a sample plus repeat pad with a few areas to bump plus a response to a head attitude or angle to a visible but gentle laser beam sampled pieces of human appreciated music samples like guitar or vocals would appear occasionally during the dolphins composition activities If the dolphins liked these they could use them at their music pieces

The facility would be voluntary at the ocean If dolphins liked the compositions they made a floating music player would be available Dolphins have been seen playing with algae streamers they hold with their mouths the music player would be similar

endometrium modulator reduces birth defects

Parents voluntaily use wireless messager at TV to remind plus time schoolwork where they live

modified TB prevents heart disease

building printer

Iron eating bacteria make pleasant peptides

Bus merit riders

electromagnetic osmotic modulation treats or cures MS

sonic grease

multi robot advertiser Im annotating technology review creators work like .5 material

Technology Review october 2009 commentary Kevin Fu RFID could be attached to gradually shape changing plastic that would unfurl rf circuits that would ordinarily overlap thus changing their rf behavior with time identicaql rfids could be wadded rasther like dressing screens to create specific rfid behaviors with each rfid

Andrea Thomaz use gel like wacky wall walkers that change attachiveness with hydration then give robot hydration abilities to modify robot ability to manipulate objects

Cody friesen use the standing wave resonance patterns that you see on a vibro plate with granuales to create acoustic powered micropumping of battery electrolyte

Ranjan Dash Use bismuth plus diamagnetism to wiggle nanoporous materials to chaNGE THEIR GAP SIZE ASPECT TO CHANGE BEHAVIOR

Ali Javey Use diamagnetic material on platen roller to affect attachiveness of nanowires at surface

Andrew Perlman Compare effect of slimming medications that have big gaba molecule or polygaba that keeps them on the body side of the blood brain barrier as well as possibly compartmentalizes them to particular membranes

Jeffrey Heer Use audio that is a reprocessed sample of the users voice I have a theory that people are cued to be responsive to the sound of their own voice plus a variation frequency variant kind of folksingerizes personally a communication thus it is more memorable

Michelle Khine use standing resonant waves like on an acoustic vibro plate to create a geometric pattern of pulsing areas that can be used to drive microfluidics

Jose gomes marquez do those pills that cause people to change odor have timed release such that a person could smell rosy or minty when it was time to retake ther medicines

Adam Kinkels 100 B IP protocol suggests that active rfid like rd tech magazine could actually communicate via IP protocol

Cyrus wadia Are Metal carbonates photactive with particular nanogeometries or perhapsw multilayer metal carbonates

Aydogan Ozcan use isomorphic images to stegonographically code data on medical forms like pictures thus the camera reads the user guide on the procedure then guides the novice to do effective lab work all with ordinary printing

Shwetak Patel make a transparent fluid that makes little peelies or wigglies as a paint then as a paint creates a surface that wiggles slightly with vibration aim a laser at what was painted on to detect the particulkar vibrospecificd identity of the walker or mechanism its a paint on obseravation system

Pranav Mistry a 1 part per 100 solution of pressure sensitive liquid crystal on a rag could be nonvisible plus be less obvious than moisturiser yet it would create a pressure sensitive color change detectable with computer vision thus a compressive motion could be communicated to the VR system as well as location data

Elena Shevenko Use lasers like confocal lasers to melt just one plane of a typical polyhedric nanocrystal rounded at an area plus crystalline at another creates different periodic patternings

srNature protein as well as carotenes split wood grind grass, drink

plaited grass all sound recorder wsjhta paper cd golddigger advice

Ir reflective roofing material changes with season hydrodamicity, TiO2, CoChloride, polymers

new housing derivatives affect liquidity, dp, land valuation externalities positively


New medicines from plants

halogenation makes drugs more active at the receptor splenda is chlorosucrose 300 times sweeter than sugar fluorcortisone is 700 times more powerful than cortisone Prozac is actually a fluorinated antihistamine A way to find new drugs is to halogenate a wide range of physiologically active herbs then chartacterize their effects

here is a Halogenation procedure from the journal lipids http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17393223 Reaction of gamma-tocopherol with hypochlorous acid. Nguyen Q, Southwell-Keely PT. Its basically bleach plus rubber cement thinner one to three minutees plus an aquaeous as well as lipid concentration

heres me writing Make plant juice Fractionate with chromatography Use hydroxylase or ring opening to quiet the alkaloid Use a ferric chloride solution with bubbled chlorine to amplify the unknown medicine Use diacetylation or chlorophenoxyation to make the molecule pass membranes effectively Test on motile bacteria as well as tissue culture mammal tissue

Plants contain billions of different chemicals If it were possible to screen these there would be more kinds of medicines This idea has a shielding known effect as well as an amplifying effect Shielding the known use while amplifying the new medicines creates a bandpass filter to find fresh active molecules

Alkaloids have a typical chemical structure with some plants alkaloids are there at sufficient quantities to cause noted effect from an edible dose If the ephedra plant also contained a diabetes drug as well as a sedative drug humans would only notice the stimulating ephedra effect

An alkaloid can be passivated with hydroxylase enzyme this removes –OH groups yet leaves hydrogen another possibility is a ring opening reaction

Use halogenation to amplify the nonalkaloid compounds this replaces the hydrogens with a halogen like chlorine the replaceable hydrogens remain on the molecule after the hydroxylase treatment Fluorocortisone is hundreds of times more potent than cortisone Chloroquine is much more powerful than quinine Prozac is a fluorinated variation on antihistamines that gradually makes people perky Chloromolecule has a high likelihood of having amplified medical characteristics

Going further would be availablization with diacetylation or chlorophenoxyation of the hydroxylase treated chloromolecule Diacetylation is used to make morphine to heroin as this passes membranes much better The chlorophenoxy group para to a molecule core is mid twentieth century way to get drugs to pass the blood brain barrier chlorophenoxy acetic acid is a commercial plant growth hormone

Pharmacologists often work with what they call classes of molecules I think the shield then amplify plus availablize approach could find new classes of molecules to build on

Thus Make plant juice Fractionate with chromatography Use hydroxylase to quiet the alkaloid Use a ferric chloride solution with bubbled chlorine to amplify the unknown medicine Use diacetylation or chlorophenoxyation to make the molecule pass membranes effectively Test on motile bacteria as well as tissue culture mammal tissue

Now my thought is that somewhere out there a thing like lawn grass will have detectable medical effect if fractionated then chloroamplified then availableized Or Orange Juice Or Algae

That Shulgin has created brominated phenyethamine known as 2-CB shows that if you brominated chocolate after passivating the theobromine plus caffeine you’d have a prosocial aphrodisiac

Traditionally people collected psychoactive drugs This may be a very simple synthesis plus detection pathway to herbal drugs that are legal as well as more attractive than current street drugs


I don’t think I’ve actually tried MDMA which makes promoting a variant of it like someone saying LSD is a way to build social cooperation then having a nonuser say put LSD at every minimart

David Pearce at hedweb.com gives tremendous support to the hedonic imperative forming many of his ideas around MDMA

Anyway I read at census.gov that 7 pt of a particular ethnicity teenagers have tried MDMA near half have used marijuana more than 9 of ten had tried alcohol

I think life would be happier if the alcohol n cocaine n stimulant users have chloroexstasy at $.20 or 2.00 that’s ten or a hundred times cheaper Competing with “40 Oz to freedom” has gotta be cheap

Take three MDMA tabs Verify that a milligram of MDMA will affect the behavior of a baby chick or bug Purify recrystallize with solvent Use ferric chloride solution with bubbled chlorine on the MDMA solution Do solvent separation then crystallization that is have a nonpolar monmiscable fluid like naptha (evaporable hydrocarbons) plus the fecl plus chloroMDMA swish around to transfer some chloroMDMA to the naptha on evaporation there will be crystals of a new compound Try the new compound on the chick or bug if it does something try it on a mouse with other social mice Then comes the brave part

Adjusting the pH of the ferric chloride solution will affect the amount of halogenation An organic chemistry text says that adding hydroxide will make it so that just one hydrogen is replaced making the ferric chloride solution acidic will replace up to all of the hydrogens thus you could try HCl I’m thinking pH range 2 to 11 You could also try a diprotic acid like acetic acid or food grade citric acid these bigger molecules might be somehow differently regiospecific on the MDMA

Likewise zinc chloride is an organic chemistry textbook halogenation chemical

I think Ferric chloride can be made from bleach gas piped through moist iron filings or you can just get it at radio shack There are bromine pool tablets online

Chloroexstasy process goes well with chlorococaine as well as chlorohashoil I’m puzzled as to why there is not a chloroamphetamine there might be one I just haven’t read about it

I’m wondering as chlorepinephrine maleate is a sleepy antihistamine I’m much too ignorant to guess what any of these compounds actually do

Dave I’ve been working on that hedonic engineering What do you or a chemist friend think of these ideas

“drugs are made people who dropped out of community college in a bathtub” – Adam Corolla Fission fusion fraction You’ve heard of fission You’ve heard of fusion Now visualize an environment where protons from different atoms are pushed near each other then form regular spatial patterns these patterns are right at the brink of having a proton neutron ratio that will fission with an additional proton

here we make fractional elements from positive nuclei compressed with antiproton beam

** *()* **

That’s a graphic of a bunch of protons huddled together if a proton fills the () the group averaged fractional atom will fission thus what we do is turn on a proton beam to make the fractional group radioactive

Now if you’ve heard of Bose Einstein condensate the idea of grouped atoms forming a wide blob of coherent matter is old physics The difference here is the way to make what is a fractional element from a group of protons plus neutrons

Grab a group I element like sodium but preferably something highly electropositive like rubidium remove all the electrons with a beam of positrons Then absent electrons to buffer them the protons will start moving with the well known proton conduction mechanism where positive charge differential moves atoms once the protons are streaming they can be focused with a patterned positron beam The idea is to guide the proton rich nude nuclei nearer to each other until you get a stream of adjacent nuclei super near each other These are so near each other that they behave at their place of reference like the nucleus of a different element with much higher mass

If you kept going with this thing that is like a nude nuclei linear accelerator with positrons compressing the proton rich nuclei you would eventually produce a fissioning beam of nuclei that is plausible as the vastly higher energy fusion from compressed plasma has been made with a tokomak The vast energies of the tokomak suggest the a narrowing beam of nuclei plus antiprotons will create a fission beam

This is thrilling three ways first superheavy stable elements are predicted Fractioning nuclei this way at the right starting elements creates these new superheavy stable elements Also thrilling is the ability to create metastable higher energy isotopes rather like new kinds of nuclear isomers as the protons are pumped to higher geometries (just like nuclear isomers) The third thrill is making plutonium239 from depleted uranium plus a beam of fractional elements

Radiation shielding with micropatterned neutrons

You’ve heard about the clever way to bend waves around an object to make it nonvisible The New scientist version uses human visible concentric circles to make an object nonvisible to radar size microwaves The article notes that to make nonvisible to human perception of light structures would uses circles of nanosize The idea here is to make these structures hypertiny such that they guide high energy photons like gamma rays to make them nonvisible

Neutrons being neutral can be grouped together much more tightly than the wide radii of atomic nuclei Creating a beam or chunk of neutrons with the circular nonvisibility structure at the right size to deflect high energy photons is a radiation shield

Captain Kirk would be pleased as a ship could have a big gamma ray lens made from textured neutron beams around the ship

It would also make a new kind of atomic weapon possible just turn on the gamma ray shielding neutron beams at build while grouping together a critical mass of fissile elements The nuclear device is stable until the beam is removed or turned off Happily the defense aspect is a better reason to do Captain Kirk research than to build useful weapons although if it absolutely positively has to be there to destroy something after getting shot at, emp bursted, or datajacked this is the way to go

Keeping the William Gates III charity supercomputer functional

I saw a WSJ photo of this guy listening to what appeared to be a village microlender It looked kind of warm I’ve read that with students 10 degrees F is 20 pt less rapid mental performance Thus when visiting a 100 degree tropical area William Gates III might be thinking at just 40 pt of his Seattle area capacity

That capacity directs a vast amount of money Thus William Gates III could cleverly order a titanium fabric micromesh shirt with peltier effect devices to keep him at his Seattle efficiency That shirt is worth billions of dollars worth of better decisions

Here’s my impression of William Gates III wearing his titanium mesh peltier shirt

Well, your doing this microlending To be a microlending tycoon you have to reach more clients Previously people asked for money, you have to seek the riskworthy ones out The US has a credit card industry that targets millions of people with specialized offers at rates less favorable than yours I think if you used a thing like the Myers Briggs personality test to find high compliance lendees before they know they have a use for money then give them numerous credit offers your business will grow

As it grows you can demand that people show their responsiveness to your lender criteria as well as screen everyone on your continent with a PDA application Use Google Earth on your PDA to find people with higher quality huts or piles of stored building material collateral at a hundred mile radius then promote your microlending to them

Promote your microlending with the ability to apply via satellite imagery If they park seven cars to make a particular shape then software scans all of your continent at google earth to find that shape Rather than this being 7 cars of wealth this shows the ability to organize seven people to do a particular thing That business ability is both a prescreen plus an application

The foundation is a charity thus rather than asking me for money you could think on this This is a map of highly likely to respond to medical charity areas, when you microlend to these areas we guarantee or “underwrite” your loans as the double effect of a booming economy plus physiological well being gives social improvement greater thrust Theres a phrase virtuous cycle this is kind of like a virtuous sandwich there are similarities to mall development where I’m from

Gee I kind of like viewing Melinda wearing tropical garments

Now without the titanium mesh peltier shirt It might just be

The foundation is a charity thus rather than asking me for money you could think on this This is a map of highly likely to respond to medical charity areas, when you microlend to these areas we guarantee or “underwrite” your loans as the double effect of a booming economy plus physiological well being gives social improvement greater thrust Theres a phrase virtuous cycle this is kind of like a virtuous sandwich there are similarities to mall development where I’m from

Gee I kind of like viewing Melinda wearing tropical garments

If only I could think of a cargo cult to drop goodies on these people

Thus I think the idea of a titanium mesh peltier shirt is an actual idea Like a personal jet saves Time this idea saves mental capacity Diplomats might follow William Gates III lead as they aim to get results from their efforts

Two crops from one orchard with Roombas

California Orchards are attractive Many I’ve walked have trees with a groundcover plant like grass or cloverlike herbage The trees are spaced so that humans can walk around them to gather nuts

Roombas are cheap little robot vacuums that collect things

With roombas that gather nuts the orchards I’ve walked around could have twice as many trees It is possibly more lucrative as well as more reassuring to lenders to grow a different crop like legumes that would improve fertility

Now the thrilling part With photovoltaics the roombas could store up sufficient energy to actually pick nuts with an IR laser: a few roombas would gather, pick a nut, then cofocalize their beams to have it fall

Roombas can work 24 hours while orchard humans just work daylight hours which is a big harvest timing bonus

Now, visualize Cheech n Chong along with 007 at an orchard Cheech n Chong have reprogrammed the roombas to harvest marijuana They are shouting at James to get out of the way of the lasers

James says, “do you expect me to talk” Cheech n Chong say No, we expect you to get high


This goes with the Microsoft Teenager™ idea that software that teaches living ability plus sociocultural patterning better than most parents is beneficial Noting that historically 44 pt of Portland Oregon HS students drop out software that give kids a wider sociocultural range than their parents has value

Zagger lets the kids surf anywhere they like but surfs two or three links ahead then measures the word complexity as well as generally higher sociocultural function of the places they could visit Zagger ranks the links with regard to ummmm privaeschoolicity or Prepness or sociability depending on what character Microsoft teenager they are using Zagger then Bolds the links on the highly educative path to lead the kids voluntarily to the more thoughtful, beneficial or actionable parts of the web

Now the thing with Microsoft Teenager is that the parents give part of the kids allowance to the software then the kids are paid to surf Clicking on the Zagger bolded links earns teenagers money thus even when choosing between sex n sexuality or Paris n Paris they can earn as well as learn Zagger derails pRon surfing towards

Its called Zagger as it can be verified during the programming stage with metrics of actual use as well as eye tracking of users One purpose of Zagger is to get the kids eyes to visit more of the page This has huge meaning to advertisers as the bizarre virtue of better reading with higher ad responsiveness is created

just having fun: quakers use sat study prep to teach peace

J math physics p 2089 1987 equation 2.1 dx2 + dy2+dz2-dt2 regarding minkowskian space time seems like the xyz terms are replaceable with a nearest least complex neighbor aspect rather than a type duplication the time variable t could then possibly be subtractive as suggested with 2.1 yet as written dx2 + dy2+dz2-dt2 has time as a nontrigonometric nteger subtracted from a spatial dimension My reading of relativity suggestes that to satisfy relativity at least two or three spatial dimension are required to specify time shift equivalency thats a way of saying that dx2 + dy2+dz2-dt2 could only be functional as dx2 + dy2+dz2 trig function then operator dt2

dimension rather Time machine stacked circles of different elements at different radiuses create equivalent responses to relativistic motion this creates a nonrelatavistic material which also has light geometries different than a light cone (0) [vote for, against]

nifty things first at a given temperature Hg is liquid because the electrons like to be nearer the nucleus That is beacause the nucleus has a high proton:neutron ratio

basically the number of possible places an electron could be per second is a quantum amount

thus during a given second a fluid blob of mercury Knows more time moments than a chunk of silicon

If you make a circle of a pure liquid element then surround it with another circle of a pure chunk element you can create two systems that have the same number of quantum possibilities per second

now think on the "light cone" that is the area of possible nteraction spaces a beam of light visits as time progresses

when the (0) system is refractive or nteractive with light the possible number of quantum states of the two circles is identical the two circles are relativistically linked at the same structure of reference

that makes it possible to create a nonrelativistic material

If you pattern that material as a lens then it has a different group of possible light geometries (like different event horizons) than a light cone

scientists can use this archimedesish simple machine time machine to create areas of grouped as well as modified causality on an actual chunk of matter

niftiliy producing such a machine with matter would create a multiatom absolute structure of reference This is the only physical (as different than mental ...you know sending an astronaut is a a group of mentally associated items) micro or macrospace nonrelativistic structure I've heard of yet

Now the awesome part

if you nest two circles of different materials so as to be relativistically neutral yet one of the circles has a squiggle like a ( 3 then there is an anisotropic area of time difference where electrons will cluster (or avoid) as a result of the different light geometry time goes a number of ways at these electrons thus it is possible to do repeated electron towers of hanoi type computation before they can happen from a "light coners" perspective

a turing machine is published at being capable of duplicating any other computer program A turing machine running on a nonrelativistic lens time machine would give immediate replies to queries at the border of its nterface proportional to the actual energy of the system

— beanangel, Nov 10 2008

this is an idea on a way to make a worldwide computer with near a million times the number of CPUs as the fastest 2007 supercomputer

currently there is a currentgen windows CPU that uses 7.5 W; http://www.silentpcreview.com/article609-page1.html perhaps three or four years from now that might be 3 W; three watts is near a tenth the power draw of a fluorescent tube light

with doubling efficiency effect I think 700 mw after 17 years

the light bulb has oodles of transistor light emitters like OLED; as these shift output the CPU modifies their brightness plus uses transistors to sense load to create a light tube that has [b]10 times less maintenance than fluorescent tubes these are much cheaper from a TCO perspective

the light tubes talk to each other with wireless creating a globe spanning linked computer with cheap replacement parts that the humans demand be kept functional; the CPUs watch us, light our way, and have a million times more power than the current fastest supercomputer

[Apr 05 2008, last modified May 09 2021]

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(+2, -4) Blissbelting neurointerface
(+1, -2) Blue sky energy(tm) one at a time appliances
(+2) Blueing snowflake antiperspirant
(+2) body surface probiotic ends body odor
 Body system MRI morphology software prevents disease
(-1) Bonsai Gnomon
(+2) book and tablet reading instruction
(+3, -1) Brain computer interface
(+5, -2) Brain fingerprinting glyphs
(-1) Brain imagery recorder with brain to retina ATP activity mapping
 Breakfast improving toothpaste
(+1, -2) Breast shaped hair rollers
(+2, -1) Breeding cryogenically treatable wood
(+7, -2) Breeding far flying bees to spread climate change tolerance among plants
 Breezy cubicles, an actual invention
(+4) bucky radioantenna blobmaker
(+4) buttermilk ruler paint
 Cable box shoots lifesaving microprojectiles
(-1) CAD/Cartoon modesty camera chip
 CAD material translator
 Calcerous Crib of cleverness
(+3, -1) Camphor 3D printing (nuts and bolts, batteries)
(+4) Candy bars, not made of cheese, that peel apart like string cheese
 Car dashboard and office desk beauty laser
(+2, -1) Car seats calculate BMI, caution people near fast food
(+1, -2) carotid massage thing
(-1) cd dvd data dots
(+2, -1) Cheaper LNG transportation
(+3) Children's hand sanitizer
 Chinese mutual fund phones/ATMs with charity option
(+2, -3) Chloroenzymes make food from straw
(+5, -2) Christmas batteries
(+3, -1) Cleaner laproscopic tumor grinding
(-2) Click2Divorce.com
(+10)(+10) coat pills with emetics to prevent overdose
(+2, -3) Cobalt Bunker Buster Buster
(+3, -2) Cohesin based birth control
(+32, -1)(+32, -1)(+32, -1) color shifting sticky notes
(+2, -3) colored haze that floats plus combines plus divides & is breathable
(+3, -9)(+3, -9) condiments of human cessation
(+12)(+12) Consumer reports Handyphone App
 Convert methane to other chemicals with triorbital aperiodic effects
(+4) cooling headphones
 Corian linoleum
(-1) cotton candy for hummingbirds
(+10, -2)(+10, -2) cow massage overhang
(+2) CPP-peptide mosquito intoxicator
(+4, -1) creating microreticulations on flowing blood as well as tissue with multihysteresis MRI contrast agents
(+5, -1) crevice covered log collects gold
(+2) crib warmer and cooler
(+2, -1) Cryogenic treatment of semiconductors (and gaming consoles) as a business
 CSO Child Support Organization
(-3) Cuba travel kit
(-14)(-14)(-14) Cure child molesters with ballpoint ink or pencil shavings
(+1) currency and coins with toilet plans on them
(+5, -1) Custard filled G-spot bump
(+4, -2) cyborgherbalism
(+1, -4) Dalai Lama Speed Dating
(+5, -3) dancing chair
(-1) Dashboard flirtboard
(+1, -2) Date rape precluding software
(+4, -1) decorative animated paypal gifs
(+1) delayed quantum choice eraser babies have happier lives
 dermal beauty laser that heightens beneficial sense of touch
(+12)(+12) Desks of heightened comprehension
(+4) Detecting fish aesthetics
(+8, -1) Deuterated insulin
(+2) Deuterated LSD/MDMA as legal high
(+10, -1)(+10, -1) developing world clitoral fun technology
(+1) diagnostic gas pump II
(+2) diamond silicone robot girlfriend faces
(+1) Diaper gel pills for longevity
(+2) Diaper warmer
(+3, -1) dimmable flash at phone cameras for beauty shots
(+4) Dishwasher dirt map
(+2, -1) DNA saliva tubes with lots of little beads researchers could share
(+3, -2) Dolphin music composer
(+1, -4) Dolphin swimming facilitator
(+5, -3) Don't Take the 'Bate II
(-1) double overclock for 1/2 second
(+4, -2) doves that voluntarily bring people eggs
 Drink me sticker for the developing world
(+2) Drinkable perfluorocarbon blood substitute prevents SIDS
(+2, -1) Drone assisted solar weeder robot
(+6) Drone flaps
(+5) droplet wave starlight mint pizza
(-1) Drugged headphones and earplugs
(+1, -4) DST government revenue
(+4, -1) duck feeder that grows duckweed
(+3, -1) dune like high frequency energy maker (dust engine)
 duo sized fish propagate well
(+2, -1) duoatomic battery chemicals
 easy audio teleprompter/movie line reminder
(+2, -1) ebay drop ship gridsite
(+5) Edible honeycomb paper fruit
(+6, -1) Edible paper dividers at cheese
(+8, -1) Edible Pizza Table
(+8, -1) Effectors Anonymous
(+9, -1)(+9, -1) eGenerous tip tray
(+1) elaborate EEG hair dye
(+3, -2) Electret desalinaton membrane
(+3) Electric Vehicle peltier layer batteries
(+3) Electrically warmed condom
 Electromagnetic coin squasher makes superaffordable catalytic microparticles does ultra oil filtration plus creates new ways of doing chemistry
 electronifty jello concentrates body fluid making tests more accurate
(-2) Electrophoretic back massager delivers drugs
(+5, -7) electrosynthetic bacteria
(+4) elements from seawater with Hf nuclear isomer
(+14, -5)(+14, -5) embassy hospitals with pharmacy
(+4) employment survey
(+1, -3) end of the world currency
(+2, -1) Epaperiffic Garage flair
 epigenetic epicureans
(-1) erythrocyte shaped battery chemicals
(+5, -2) esteem building social networking app
(+3, -2) ethical cosmetic cures anemia
(+1, -2) eugenics friendly mass sortation of blastocysts
(+6, -5) Eugenics Mouth mint
(-1) Eugenics SEO
(+2) eutectic imitation cocoa butter
(+8)(+8) exercise timer
(+3) Exotic matter from radioactive bose-einstein condensate
(+4) explosive fertilizer
(-1) Eye tracking movie SuperWowifier
(+3, -2) Fabrege yo-yo encrusted with gems blends to gorgeous new color while spinning
(+2, -5) fabric beehives
(+14, -1)(+14, -1) face to face cuddle mattress
(+2) Far far away matter visiblilized with nodal astrophysics
 feedback charity teaches programming
 Feelings matter phone
(+4) Fiber optic snow person
(+1, -2) Finderscents "companion species" oppportunity reminder
(+4, -13)(+4, -13) Finding Studies That Matter
(+3) firefox video resolution add on
(+1) Fitness gear ratio on bicycles
(+1) fizzy pill recreational drugs
(+4) flavor boost pacifier reduces crying
 flavor core cotton candy
 flower votives
 Fountain of Youth at Dubai
(+12)(+12) Free laser etched potato chips
 Freeze Ray improves cryogenics
(+20, -2)(+20, -2) French kissing prevents birth defects
 fridge alarm responds to temperature
 fruit producing drone
 Fun survey finds better sweetener, saves lives
(+7, -4) function() based national building code
(+1, -6)(+1, -6) Gamete Rider
(+2) Gas antiknock compounds that benefit humans (neoxenochemicals)
(+3, -2) Gasoline additives that cause wellness at mammals
(+17)(+17) Gear ratio can openers
(-2) Genetic algorithm phone keyboard
(+5, -4) Genetic data party straw
 gentle massage wake up bed
(+4) geology core tape cassette
(+8, -1) Geothermal hydrocracking
(+1) gesture image recognition
(+4, -1) get rid of minimarts and convenience stores by outcompeting them
(+3) giant birdfeeder lure
(+3, -1) Giant mint leaves as a new kind of produce
(+2, -4) Gillette Vital Edge
 give automotive fuel injectors helium, er hydrogen voice
(+2) Giving cheaper minerals thus greater prosperity with Radiographic quantum linked imaging
 Glamorous dehumidifier landscaping
 Gliding Flying MEMS
(+9)(+9) Glittery holiday air levitated ball tree
(+5) glowaround cones
(+17, -4)(+17, -4) Glowing white breasts
(+1) GMO crop flowers attract bees
(+3) Gombach battery microparticles
(-6)(-6) google fairnessizer
 gradual acceleration teacher gives higher mileage
(+4) graduated sweetness candy panning
(+8)(+8) Green bread tie
(+2) Green or blue gold(Au) things
(+6) GreenIT word processing
(+2) Guitar Hero with camera on it
(+17)(+17) Hair ribbon
 Halogenated coffee
(+3) Happier babies with custom cooling and warming at the crib
(+6, -3) Happiness Dorm
 Happiness measuring doll
(+5, -1) Happy [Many Worlds Interpretation] carpet
(+3) Hash Oats
(+6, -1) Headcheese: super high output plant genetics prep with screen
 Headless chickens for longevity research
(-1) Headphones that save battery energy
(+2) healthy food educational software
(+5, -3) HennaDEET as well as HennaSPF are orders of magnitude longer lasting
(-1) heptacyclic pharmaceutical motif
(+2, -8)(+2, -8) here is your flying car
(+2) High occupancy vehicle lane math top-up
 High ventilation nozzle surgery
(+1) higher efficiency catalytic converter with hilsch vortex
(+4) higher efficiency Motor with electrodeposited pole pieces
(-1) histones curing cancer
 Holiday tesseract shows 4D tree growth
(+6, -1) Holographic sparkle concrete
(-1) Honest face -> new place
(+6, -1) horizontal sense conduction techno lingerie
 Hydrogen peroxide as a crop additive multiplies nutrients
(+3) hyperlearning travel headgear
(+1, -9)(+1, -9) hypermileage travel surface
(+7) hyperproductive conference protocol
(+3) Ice milled polymer fiber Things (carpet, microfluidics, mineral concentrators)
 identically sized, custom frequency machine washers and engine mounts
(+1, -10)(+1, -10) IgGy pop abortifacient promotes wonderfulness
(+2) immunize against tattoos to get rid of them
(-1) improve medical ultrasound with overlain sonic grid
 incredibly scurrilious dodgy economic revival plan
(+2, -1) Indoor air pollution (NOx) zapper
(-1) injectable bells against cancer
(+4) Inverted bayberry bush candle
(+14, -2)(+14, -2) Iodized newspaper ink cures Iodine deficiency disease
(+2, -9)(+2, -9) Iodized splenda molecule cures iodine deficiency
(+2, -1) iontophoretic toothbrushes anesthetizes cavities
(+2, -1) IoT pet toys that delight, diagnose, and teach
(+7) Iris frisbee
 iWatchband photo input device
(+7) January Harvest festival
(+1) K-tip
(+3) KBr desensitizing skin ointment
(+7, -2) knitted TV job thingy
(+2) Lactoferrin pacifier makes babies healthier
(+2) laser adjustable dance mirror improves performance
(+5, -2) Laser baby amusement
(+2) Laser based microtunnels as paint adherer
(+1) laser controlled headphones
(+6) laser divided plant buds are double fruiting
(+22, -2)(+22, -2)(+22, -2) Laser etched popcorn Kernels
(+10)(+10) Laser spiralled avocados that pop peel
(+3) Laser tongue diagnostic
(+1) Laser tooth whitening with extra blue
(+2) Laser tunable onionlike breast implants
(+2) Lasers reshape the body during sleep
(+2) Laugh bookmarks
(+2, -1) Lawn roomba multiplies grass
(+1) Lays party bag
(+3) LED ribbon dance
(+1, -2) Legospherenes better than fullerenes
(+4) Lens gnomon
 lensable (non IR!) warmth used as a cryopreservative
(+2, -1) less detectable surveilliance
(+4) let other people get your kicks for you (genetic cosimilars)
(+2) Light up scrabble shelf hints at possible words
(+3) Light up sequence scientific calculator buttons
(+2) lightwave embossed chocolate
 liquid crystal display fridge dial
(+2) Liquid hydrocarbons from Methane hydrate piezo mineral tumbler
(+3, -5) liquid metal surface on ocean craft that autocolonizes with friendly bacteria
(-7)(-7) liquor membrane
(+2) Log paper tights
(+1, -3) Lollipop causes beautiful voice
(+2) Longevity Drug: ethynyl fluororapamycin
(+3) longevity drug: photoactivated brain localized rapamycin
 Longevity happiness elixir
(+1) longevity immunization
(+4, -1) Longevity probiotics in fast food sauces
(+3, -1) longevity thrill drug (nicotine linked to metformin)
(+2) low pH bathroom faucet water
(+6) magazine niftypage
(+7, -2) magic bread
 maglev bridge or wing
(+1) Maglev frog angioplasty
(+4) magnet busing
 Magnetic cycling PCR, electrically adjustable genechip
(+2, -11)(+2, -11) make money fast with generous breasts
(+3, -1) Making MWI universes with more white light in them
(+5) marbled paper insecticide
(+4) Massage chair elevators improve highrises
 massage chair escalators
 MBTI video game on raising babies
(+3, -2) measure children's health with lunchroom imaging
(+3, -4) media pointer at URL standard
(+5, -2) medical tapes
 medicated laundry detergent
(+5, -2) mehum humming handyphone software
(+3) Meissner reference pattern creates higher resolution MRI (also magnetically activated drugs)
 MEMS assisted textbook
(+4, -1) MentorBubbles; view the internet versions of the people who are doing well
(+2) Metabolizable electricity for humans
(+5) micro chain mail stay-clean fabric
(+1, -2) microchanelled radiography CT scans are 20 times less carcinogenic
(+1) microfresnel lens at phones does wide angle and regular simultaneously
(+1, -5) Microsoft Teenager (elatchkeykid.com)
(+5, -2) microsurgery crystals
(+2) microtechnology gas to oil catalyst
(+1) Microwave that suggests healthy eating
(+2) milchcow cancercure
(+3, -2) milliken oil drop photovoltaic research
(+5, -1) Million MIDI player
 Mitochondrial modulator linked to addressing siRNA cures most everything
 moduloelastic water desalination
(+4) Moire bednetting repels mosquitos
 Moisture wiicking, or maybe extra dry garments: Diapers
(+1) money with graphic design that encourages saving or investing
(+1, -8)(+1, -8) monopole like power transformers
(+14, -4)(+14, -4) moonlighter
(+2) Mosquito drowner
(+1) mosquito mobile
(+4) mosquito net that migrates towards the poor
(+2) motionized face tracking puts your face on any music video character (dating amplifier)
(+4) Mozart effect digital radio
(+1, -2) multi cohort stepped longevity research
(+3) multiatomosphere gas-pak keep things fresh
(+2) multiclient sex chat as AI driver
(+2, -3) multinuclei fraction causes fission
(+4) multiport syringe tips make vaccines more effective
(+2) multiuse gene chip
(+1) muscle relaxant insecticide
(+3) museum of snack packaging that works
(+2) Mutual fund causes longevity
(+2, -1) MWI Tech
(-1) NaPCA air cleaner at dwelling
(+1) Navel injection site (BCG)
(+1, -7)(+1, -7) neocrack
(+1, -5) neogoogle I
(+7, -2) nernst bees
(+2) Nernst effect molecular printing press
(+4) Neurolinguistic programming honest placebos
(+2, -3) Neurotransmitter absorbing (or surplusizing) glial cytes treat mental illness
(-2) neutral flavor drosophila/mouse food
(+2, -4) Neutrocyranic dating
(+4, -1) New antibiotic or preservative
(-2) New capsidalicious way to fill cells with siRNA drugs
(+2) New Car Smell Valve
(+2, -1) new genes as well as protein drugs from antibody tips
(+8, -1) New hairstyles: lasers causing hair to be zippers
(-1) new kind of electomagnetic levitation
(+1, -3) New medicines from plants
(+2, -1) New pheremone for the spice rack
(+1, -3) New physics generator
(-1) New vanillas from related species
(+4) New way to crush rocks make cheap stuff cheaper with pressure point tesselation
(+4) new ways of communicating with gesture tracking computers
(+5) nipple suction cup
(+2) noise cancelling headphone crib pillows
(+2, -4) Nomography
(+4) Nootropic 3d glasses
(+16, -5)(+16, -5) nostril propellers
(+2) Now and later food
(+4, -1) nubbly flow catalysts
(+2, -1) Nudge them into college
(+3, -1) Nursing woman -or- cat on keyboard camera keyboard precludes error
(+3) (O) cotton candy core and coating
(+2, -1) [O] geometrically better double hull oil transport
(+4) OCR paper grading
(+7) Octopus keyboard
 Ogle friendly car lighting
 oil drill bits that autosharpen
(+3, -2) Oil from coal with bacteria that nitrify their carbohydrates
(-1) old weather systems predict oil
 One pill to omit menstrual periods all year
(+2) online courses with foreground background swappable lecturers
(+1, -3) Online Radio chipmunk module
(+4, -1) "oops" responsive software wastes less paper
(+3) opiate pill that sustains respiration even if injected
(+1) optimal conversation distance app for iWatch
(+3, -1) optimized water gel crib mattress
(+1) Optometrist App
 optometrist tablet PC app
(-1) Oral sunscreen
 Oral "Transcranial" magnetic stimulation
(+4, -1) Orbital Camera Voting
(-4) Orgasmatron
(-1) Orthophilosophical behavior drug
 Oxygenated Asian food
(+1) paleness bremelanotide (sex drug)
(+10, -1)(+10, -1) Pantone rooftops calibrate Google satellite view
(+5, -1) Paper AOL disc; Rapper Rights Channel
(-4) Paper shredder that avoids wasting time.
(+3, -1) Parent child videogame/educational software
(+4) Parenting Meds
(+1, -2) Partial Grocery pick up
(+1) paving with semitransparent asphalt
(+3) pedal rocking baby cradle
(+1) pee type vehicle dipstick
(+3, -1) Pentatonic Vocal change laser for pets and birds
(+1, -7)(+1, -7) Peptide DDT
(+1, -3) peptides as wood preservatives; electro-wood!
(+2, -5) persistence of vision flirtation garment
(+2, -1) Petroleum purification from sodium acetate
(+6) Petting alarm clock
(-4) pH adjusted inner ear as hearing aid
(+3, -1) Phone screens that vary their texture or have a typing feel
(+5) phone takes photos of fingernails to screen for disease
(+3) Phosphorescent catalysis
(+1) Photoactivated Botox beauty treatment
(+3) photoactivated botox with photopatterned screen gives greater facial mobility
(+3) photodielectric effect makes better chips
(+5, -1) Photon Torpedo
(-3) Photosphere Apocalypse
(+7) photovoltaic powered smoke detector
 photovoltaic tDCS
(+1, -2) phytonutrient forage prevents cancer
(+3, -11)(+3, -11) Pill causes vegetarianism
 pill container of usefulness
(-2) pill divider decors
(+1) Pineal gland squirt
(+1, -3) pithy right click sayings benefit 1.5% of everything
(+3) Plaid conductor (Redundant Array of Independent Conductors)
(+2, -1) Plaidtenna
(+5) planetary rover treads are multiwell test chambers
(+2, -7)(+2, -7) plankton with new hemoglobin promote oceanic abundance
(+6) Play together with _____ toy
(+4) Plays for playthings
(+3) polylactic acid polymer mini huts as cheap housing
(+4, -1) polymer core silver coated wire
 polymerized ORT
(+2) Popsicle stick exploder pill
 positive reinforcement for babies
(+2, -5) precisely ordered light makes plants 10 or 20 times more productive at photosynthesis
(+2) Pretty QR
(+17)(+17) Printed colored architectural glass
(+7) Project your own bike lanes
(+2, -4) ProSeed
(+3, -2) public beautiful human figure art file sharing statues
(+6, -2) public dance right of way
(+6) pumpable fidget spinner
(+4) pumped gallium motor windings stay cool
(+6, -19)(+6, -19)(+6, -19) Pussy Juice Drugs
 PV breezepole Air conditioner
(+1) pyramidal geometric pillows for robot girlfriends
(+1) Quantum dot drugs
 Quantum linked photon nanoscope reads genetics of human eggs
(+2) Quantum linked photon tissue scanner describes cognition
(+3, -2) quantum linked photons all energize at one depth to kill tumors
(+4) quantum linked photons create 3d nanocircuits
(+2, -1) Quantum superobserver improves computer chips
(+2) Questor
(+3) rad puffy bearings
 Radiation dosimeter iphone app
(+6) Radio controlled flavors
(+3, -5) RadioPsychiatry
(+1) random reminder box
(+2) randomize to highest uniqueness image web search page
 rapid avocado growth with lengthy multibranch >===== side to side grafts
(+2) rebound-beneficial drugs
 ReCening pharmaceuticals Any Pharmaceutical molecule a metallocene molecule
(+2) Rechargeable Nuvaring
 recolorable metal paint gives decorators wider abilities
 reducing emergency calls with more sensors
 redundant cheap flash drive
(+6, -3) Refractive width bacteria make glittery liquid gems
(+3) reproducing robot metallurgy
(-1) repurpose flash drive as on/off switch
(+5, -4) Resizing The Endoplasmic Reticulum To Create New Drugs
(+3, -1) Restaurant advertising that promotes truth technologies and free lunches
(+2) retrocausal hypercubes adjust the amount of visitation to the past
(+4) Reverse air hockey table baby diaper changer
(+2, -6) revive economy, bring justice, line pockets with stolen nuclear fuel
(+1, -2) ridiculous .5b rescue plans
 ridiculously big airbag cow catchers for self driving cars.
 ripstop nylon made of ripstop nylon
(-3) RNA/peptide vaginal decal heals genital abrasions, reduces STDs/STIs
(+5) robot girlfriend audio compander
(-3) robotic krillifish
(+3) roombalike laser bramble remover
 rope and carabiner-free rock climbing with drones
(+6, -1) Rotational effect ion engine
(+5, -4) Rubber Brain as user interface
(+2) ruggedized irrigation ditches
(+3) Saccade conduction glasses as nootropics
(-1) safer feeling home security/feminst IoT
(+16)(+16) sand embossing playground roller
(+2) Save it all and make me happy App
(+1) scavenged copper wire, dissolved, cures lice
 Scentless Aromatherapy
(+1, -3) schrodingers angle of polarization
(+4, -9)(+4, -9) "score"card
(+6, -2) Screen out birth defects at the developing world with a 2 or 3 ¢ moist towlette
(+2) scuffless candy has aerogel coating, princess rupert geometry, better packaging
 see around corners with lasers
 Selfies with Netflix
(-3) SerenZippity
(+3) sex sensing electric blanket
(+8, -7) sexy backpack
 sexy waterpark electromagnetic stimulator
(+6) Shiny Flavorsplash neolecithin
 Ship container with lips
(-1) Shoot lasers from your wadded up Napkin or Jeans
(+5) SI bodypainting sprouts
(+13)(+13) Sidewalks sculpted and embossed for sidewalk chalk
(+4, -1) SIDS breath startler prevents Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
 SiOrganic as well as GeOrganic drugs make big pharma lots of money while having less frequent dosing
(+3) Skin jewel senses fullness
(+4) Skinnyfying botox mouth rinse
(+2, -3) slimming garment
(+2) slow savour microparticles make eating food more gradual. Skinnifying?
(-1) smaller than a planck length
(+2) smartwatch improves raising children
(+3) Smartwatch is calorie counter
 smudgeless iPad camera
(+3, -1) Social justice restaurant app
(+2, -7)(+2, -7) socially popular drug cures child molesters
(+3, -5) sodium acetate crystallization tar sand oil
(-1) soft hard soft response bumpers
(+7) software redo on homework
(+2, -1) solar energy removes sulfur from coal
 Solar powered advertising letters
(+3) Soliton producing musical instrument
(+3, -4) something that should have been invented before fire
(+7) Sonar mattress
 spackle net shade
(+2) specific brain area drugs
(+4, -1) speech recognition movie editor
(+1) spin polarized optical fiber
(+1) Spring Romance Affective Lighting
(+8)(+8) Sproutable Fairy headdresses
(+4) Starch Gel makes potable water for developing world
(+5, -1) static cling lingerie looks like wet garments
(+3, -4) steering wheel cover predicts (to prevent) myocardial infarction/ischemia
 stepped quantum wall flash drive
(+1, -4) stimulant vaccines are three times as effective
(+3) Stinkbug contraception hut and pesticides
(+12)(+12) Stream Mermaid
(+2, -1) Street tree arrangement
(+1, -2) Stringy injection molding reduces global plastic consumption 5-10%
(+8)(+8) stripes on hypodermic needles
(+2, -1) stroller side parenting tips/texts
(+3) students practice math with texting
(+1) Stuffed animal E-reader with fiber optic screen
(+5) Suicide prevention chat robot
(+5) Sunbeam glitter microphone
(+1, -4) super batteries
(+1) supercooled rubberband airplane twist; catalyst carrier polymer
(+1, -3) Supermagnet on cockring and clitoral hood piercing actively move together
(+4) superstrong handyphone glass with invisible osmium wires
(+4) supplement socks
(+6) Supressed hamburger technology
(+5) Sushi boat museum collections
(-6)(-6) sveltacious turtleneck
(+2, -1) svelte center drive car saves lives a variety of ways
(+4, -3) svelte spaghetti and it's corollary french fry
(+5, -1) swim gloves that roll up as wetsuit sleeves
 swimming pools that advertise nudism
(+6) swimming robot life preserver
(+1, -4) sympa thizzzer
(+2) talk more! student desk speedometers
 tall tube air conditioner
 Taylor Swift song contest
 tDCS electrodes
(+2, -1) tDCS infant onesie promotes sleep and cleverness
(+3, -4) Teachers with HMD
(+1, -3) teether on a tether
(+2, -1) Tesla unidirectional valve as more effective catalytic converter
(-1) testable MWI hypothesis candy bar contest
 Tetrachromat dance theatre lighting
 texting manners resource
 The Dean's book made silly, enjoyable to look at, and cheap
(+5, -13)(+5, -13) the drugs win the drug war
(+11, -5) The flirty looking down girls shirts dress
(+3) The glass is indistinguishable from full.
(+1) The musical instrument is the message
(+3) The postage due microSD card repository
(+5) The rapid development of Robot Faces
(+2) The sweet spot of productivity, capability; science of psychology researched
(+8, -5) thing that goes under watch that reminds people to be better parents
(+9, -2) thread from algae
 Three hearing protectors
(+2) Tide based oil prospecting
 Time release vitamins on a per nutrient basis
(+2) tinier than magnetic recording medium magnetic recording medium
(+3, -7) Tiny lightweight plastic fabric puffs up near body warmth temp creating warm parkas from an ounce of fabric
(+3, -1) titanium roof flashing, and cheap titanium
(+8)(+8) Toroidal aerobie skipping stones
 towers of hanoi "laser" accumulates energy while cooling surrounding
(+6, -1) Trailer cozy of Medusa!!
(+1, -2) transcranial magentic stimulation instead of epidural during birth
(+2, -1) Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation with Dynamic Content
(+4, -1) transparent coating shows CD read activity
(+1) Transparent henna breath freshening toothpaste
(+6) transparent sunscreen lasts a month or longer
 Trashcan rewards you for tossing out food
(+2, -1) trawler fish anaesthesia
 Treating PMS: editing curves all month at the menstrual cycle
(+6, -1) Treble clef hairstyler
 Tria laser hair prep gel
(+1) Tricorder (quantum linked photon Protein (mRNA) camera)
(+4, -17)(+4, -17)(+4, -17) trillion dollar tamagotchi tutors
(+8)(+8) Triptych birdhouse warmer
(+1, -3) truth detector contrast chemicals
(+2, -1) tunable antiknock compounds give higher mileage
(+6, -2) twiggy hat of movement capability
(+2) Twinkling double slit holiday cheer lights
(+3) Two cycle dental hygiene
(+1) Two magnet speakers
(+3, -1) Two phase Nair
(+6) Two Simons/Tetrises
(+2, -5) ubbi dubbi communications protocol
(+3) Uberresolution radio telescope beyond the heliopause
(+6) Ubers are Ambulancers
 Ubiquitious Freeze Dried Sperm
(+5) ultrasonic herb dryer
(+3) ultrasonicated nuts
(+3) upside loaded weather talk
(+6) use of TSA to screen breast cancer among other illnesses
(+2, -1) Use pheromones to minimize adults having sex with prepubertal children
 utility spraypaint drone
(+1) UV laser replaces hand sanitizers
(+2) variable diameter tires improve mileage
 vegetarian cow mood lifetime quantifier
(+3) Vegetarian oysters
(+4, -1) vegetarian plankton filter gathers vegetarian food from seawater
 velocity sensitive illuminated dance streamers
(+1, -2) [vernon]s ARTRR two possibly working versions
(+4, -2) very pleasant sensations with movement cause slimness pill
(+1) video cud format
(+5, -6) viewing beyond the event horizon of gravitational singularities with quantum linked photons
 villi passivating diet pill or gene modification causes slimness
(+2, -23)(+2, -23)(+2, -23) VMI Only girls will be born
(+1) vocal gestalt cued camera
 Voidy sutures packed with stem cells
(+2, -3) Voluntary driving monitor tutor with 2000% return on investment.
 waddable RFID changes identity gracefully
(+1, -8)(+1, -8) War that only kills or happylongs officers or highly ranked organized criminals
(+3, -1) Warm nugget hard shell
(+1) Washcloth that makes people more beautiful
 water form maker
(+3) waterway cement probiotic
(+3, -2) We explode your toner and its 6 times as ecoriffic!
(+2, -1) weight loss or vitality caffeine that is non CNS
(+9)(+9) Wet n Tasty Ice Cream
(+4) “What won’t get me fired” AI or software
(+4, -1) White glowing breasts bra
(+2) Wife texting service
(+1, -2) wii dance notation
(+15, -3)(+15, -3) wikipedia automatically generates quizzes
(+4, -5) wild mouse science protocol
(+2, -1) wingpeople D'Amour
 wiremold PCB traces
 witricity customized hydrocarbon reformers
(+2) witricity slipstream vehicles
(+5) wizardstouch cosmetic fluffypuff
(+7, -1) Wobbly catalytic converter reaches activity temperatures rapidly
(+4) worlds most affordable female sexual pleasure vibrators, other than fingers
 xenotransplantation modified supercentenarian stem cells
(+2) Xylitol nipple flavor promotes breastfeeding
(+6) Your optimal city and state
(+1) Your optimal city and state AI/program
(+5, -1) ZA!
(+1, -2) zero calorie soda that is physiologically harmless
(+2) Zhuman longevity drug
(+8)(+8) ZIF wall plugs
 zinc dragline prevents vehicle corrosion

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