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The perfect gift for I-pod bores.
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Anyone had enough of those bloody people who cram 1000000000 songs on their I-pod and can't wait to tell you about them? Collecting music for quantity rather than quality's sake, not paying musicians, pouring their cash into Apple's coffers....what's required is something that needs a bit more thought than the gluttenous cramming of content, something that you really have to concentrate on to get right....

The solution is to get them a 1-pod for their birthday. Retailing at £4.99, it's a pair of cordless headphones incorporating a memory that will hold up to five minutes of music played as it was recorded at high bandwidth, but just enough for one song. Either pick the song yourself before you give it, or leave it to them. Perfect for...

Dad - Its A Beautiful Day - U2

Mum - Vienna - Ultravox

Lil Bro - Personal Jesus - Marilyn Manson

Lil Sister - What We Go To School For - Busted

Grandma - Knees Up Mother Brown - Chas n Dave

Grandpa - White Cliffs Of Dover - Vera Lynn

Well, that's my family anyway, I'm sure you'll have your own ideas, btw my prototype features the amazing and timeless classic Rock Me Amadeus by the immortal Falco...

notripe, Mar 20 2005


       hey faceache - hello!   

       +1 for whatever this tripe is...for old time hate or whatever... blimey, I thought you had blown yourelf up years ago...   

       email me and I will admit my own sad favourite...
po, Mar 20 2005

       A damn good rant!
gnomethang, Mar 20 2005

       And all Pink Floyd lovers can treat themselves to either half of Shine on You crazy Diamond, or Echoes. What if I wanted quantity as well as quality, so that I dont start hating my favourite song because I listened to it 100 times because I had nothing else on my 1 pod?   

       Honestly, I cant see the merit of this idea. Nice rant, nice name, bad idea.
energy guy, Mar 20 2005

       I'm seeing this guy bragging about his portable 1-pod dock-station, into which can be plugged up to 10000000 1-pods......
Basepair, Mar 20 2005

       hee hee hee
energy guy, Mar 20 2005

       50 pod?
my-nep, Mar 20 2005

       Yeah, but then your just getting into a normal MP3 player. The other thing I think is cool about the ipod is that it can be used as an external portable hard disk as well(.   

       For the record - i dont own one. I cant afford one. So if [no tripe] is getting rid of his, i would be happy to take it off hs hands)
energy guy, Mar 20 2005

       When EMI release another PInk FLoyd Greatest Hits or a new album, they can put out their own personalised PInk Floyd 1-pod, pre loaded with one track (as long as you like), with pig-shaped headphones (or Dave Gilmour-shaped if you prefer).   

       You wouldn't need quantity, cos if you picked the song right in the first place, you'd never get sick of it. You'd obviously get sick of Pink Floyd, I can hardly get past the first ten seconds of SOYCD.   

       Hi Po - as you can see I've been working on this idea for the last four years - hasn't changed much here has it?
notripe, Mar 21 2005

       I'd pick the version of Echoes that they play on the 'Live at Pompeii' film.   


       Either that, or the 'Careful With That Axe Eugene' from the same movie. I'd listen it so as to inject the appropriate amount of invective into enraged annotaions, whilst Roger Waters screeches prog-sound into my earholes.
zen_tom, Mar 22 2005

       As I sit here, waiting for the stirring of air around my head to let me know I have missed the point of this only slightly, time drags on and I still don't get it.   

       The beauty of the ipod, aside from bilking starving artists out of their hard earned cash and throwing profits to mass media conglomerates, is that one can enjoy any type of music, anywhere, anytime.   

       For the audiophile, there are $5,000 speakers and $50,000 amps. For the guy who just likes to hear music, there is an mp3 player.   

       All that being said, I'm still not tired of Tracy Chapman's "Give me one reason."
ato_de, Mar 22 2005

       //Collecting music for quantity rather than quality's sake//
//amazing and timeless classic Rock Me Amadeus by the immortal Falco...//

AfroAssault, Mar 23 2005

       This is basically a rant about the devaluation of music - but I like the rant and it *does* have an original invention attached, so [+].
wagster, Mar 23 2005

       Listening to the same Marilyn Manson song for a whole day would not be something on my to-do list.
croissantz, Jun 22 2007

       You know, listening to an entire album... or creating one that is good for listening to is rather a lost art. Perhaps your 1-pod could contain such a rarity.   

       The offspring's Americana comes to mind as one rarity worthy of such treatment.
ye_river_xiv, Mar 17 2008

       Even better, given modern storage capacities, your 1-pod could be made the size of a small pendant or necklace, and be just made up of earphones, a tiny watch battery, and the small microchip you're using to store your single song. It'd look like you're wearing headphones... connected to nothing!   

       (I'd give it at most 12-13 minutes of storage for the long songs out there).
qt75rx1, Mar 17 2008

       "Yeah, but then your just getting into a normal MP3 player. The other thing I think is cool about the ipod is that it can be used as an external portable hard disk as well(."   

       rca's gem line (pearl, onyx) work just like a thumb drive, use normal batteries, and cost 2/3 less.
copycat042, Mar 21 2008


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