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Laser CD Rack

A more user-friendly way of flicking through your music
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In a bid to cut down on crap, I wired up my portable mp3 player to my dear old 70s amp, and I play all my music through that. This is all fine and lovely, and I no longer even own a CD player. However, it does have two main drawbacks:
1. If anybody else wants to play music in my flat, I have to give them a tutorial on how to use the mp3 player.
2. It means I have to choose all my music (currently standing at rough 100 albums, as well as an alarming number of singles) through a stupid little screen.

Now there's a charming gizmo which goes by the name of the I-tech virtual keyboard. This projects a keyboard and then uses magic to monitor your fingers and work out what 'keys' you're 'hitting'. I was tempted to buy one, but I suspect there are a few practical drawbacks. However, I have a much better use for this technology.

What I want is a virtual music collection projected onto my wall. This could be quite a large display, and should be simple enough for those whom the mp3 revolution has not yet struck. In red laser light, all my album titles would be listed, in little CD-shaped boxes (or not - whatever). All I would have to do is reach over, tap on the one I wanted, and hit the big 'play' button at the bottom of the projection.

This also allows potential mates to scrutinize my music collection without the geeky embarrassment of having to explain my rather idiosyncratic audio setup to them.

I'm actually quite excited by this idea. I think it could be really rather fab. I dislike screens generally, and I am almost superstitious about the noise my computer makes when it's on (it's incredibly quiet, but I still really, really don't like it) With a big enough projector, you could create a whole 'media wall'!

Give me five minutes in photoshop...

moomintroll, Nov 07 2005

Virtual Keyboard http://www.virtual-...rd.com/Products.asp
Not much good in bright light, apparently. [moomintroll, Nov 07 2005]

Something like this. http://www.bathyfor.../HB/LazerCDrack.jpg
Not one of my finest Photoshop moments. And yes, it's my flat. Sorry 'bout the mess. [moomintroll, Nov 07 2005]


       I am, in general, surprised that there are not virtual screen/keyboard interfaces to every micro device by now.   

       Croissant for this one.
DrCurry, Nov 07 2005

       Me too, actually. Reviews of that keyboard said it didn't work very well if you sat next to a window - but I'm still surprised nobody's produced a PDA with a projected keyboard *and* projected screen.
moomintroll, Nov 07 2005

       Superb. Almost Minority Report-esque.
Jinbish, Apr 13 2006

IcarusByNight, Apr 16 2006


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