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1001 Dresses

Tantalising ending fashion
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Clothing, partially concealed, printed with single-line phrases which begin intriguingly and disappear somewhere invisible to the onlooker before the sentence finishes. Jokes, factoids and extremely short stories. For instance, a shirt printed with a sentence such as "47% of all Peruvians are afraid of...", where the ending of the sentence is concealed by a jacket, or a different kind of interesting tights.

Koan version is outerwear.

nineteenthly, May 03 2014


       I would just like to say   

       I'd bun this, but my doctor said
MaxwellBuchanan, May 03 2014

       A perfect reason to explore the unders. +
blissmiss, May 03 2014

       This already exists. In a form. And it is *infuriating*.   

       You know how you go to a fast casual restaurant and they have fun facts or pithy phrases printed on the wax paper liner for your burrito, and you go to read a particularly interesting looking one only to discover that the beginning— or worse, the end—is cut off by the edge of the sheet? Or when someone is wearing an apron decorated with drawings of various spices with the stylized name wrapped around it in an ophidian fashion, and you want to figure out what spice exactly looks sort of like mutated wheat with five dots underneath and starts with “car” or maybe it's “cam”, or is that c actually an o, but that doesn't make sense, but it's written on the edge of the chest area and you don't want to seem like a creeper by staring while you try to figure it out?   

       I *hate* that.
ytk, May 03 2014

       n somebody else presumes to finish your
normzone, May 03 2014

ytk, May 03 2014

       I got called out as a creep for trying to read some girl's t-shirt. Thing is, I was actually trying to read the t-shirt (that time). Try explaining that to somebody.
FlyingToaster, May 03 2014

       quick as a a flash the scalpel
popbottle, May 06 2014

       What is 1001, and how does it end fashion?
pashute, May 07 2014

       + I like it but I think there should be removable punctuation.
xandram, May 07 2014

       So it's exquisite corpse in fabric?
normzone, May 07 2014


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