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knitting for two and the diverse consequences
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Knitt-tting is the technical name given to a method of knitting that involves two people using two sets of knitting needles to produce one garment.

This is an intimate arrangement that requires one person to sit tightly against the back of a partner, looking over their shoulder, as they follow the complex instruction code of the double pattern.

Naturally, four balls of wool and four knitting needles are required, along with a set of carefully choreographed integrated movements, to enable a unique item of clothing to be produced.

When it works, the results are delightful, with harmonious garments emerging that no single person and pattern could produce, but when it goes wrong, perhaps as a consequence of one person simply knitting too fast and not paying attention, the garments are distorted to generate unpredictable outcomes, such as that which the multi-armed Hindu God of destruction Kali might wear.

xenzag, Nov 28 2011

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       Kninja Knitting.
FlyingToaster, Nov 29 2011


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