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100 Escalators Building

move up and down then back again
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The 100 Escalators Building's sole purpose is to house the 100 escalators that connect its many floors together and form a type of 3 dimensional maze. The exact number of floors is not revealed and is very hard to determine. Everyone entering is required to wear a clean white boiler suit. These are the rules.

Some escalators only go up one floor. Some go up two floors. This is the same for going down. Being a substantial building, on each floor there are corridors to be negotiated. Some of these end up with blank walls. Some terminate in down elevators after you have just come up. Some terminate in up elevators after you have come down.

At certain times, random elevators come slowly to a halt then reverse their direction of travel. A relentless calm voice repeats a series of totally unsequenced double digit numbers.... 34, 48, 72, 16, 92, 53, 43, 11, 12, 67... This is audible throughout the entire building at a constant volume.

There is lots of glass and many mirrors in The 100 Elevators Building. The floors are all numbered, but the numbers are digital displays, so they keep changing. You can spend a long time inside, watching others going up and down as you do the same, walking around trying to get somewhere; listening to the numbers; seeing people moving between floors as the escalators cross each other.

On the top floor there is a café, which can be reached if the right sequence is achieved. Those who reach the café are presented with a white badge on which a lenticular image of a walking person is printed. A long string of code on the circumference makes each badge unique.

Subsequent wearing of these badges brings membership of an exclusive club. After a month the image on the badge fades away.

xenzag, May 09 2019


       It sounds very homely. We would like this. [+].   

       Extra notional croissant if the structure is a Cube.   

       A question: "Who is Number One ? ".   

       (We deduce that you are Number Two, or at least - based on the evidence - *a* number two).   

       And no, we're not telling you why we resigned.
8th of 7, May 09 2019

       It could be a cube on the outside. I thought you might like to run the café, in a similar role to that of the bar man in the Shining.
xenzag, May 09 2019

       My god... it's beautiful...
Treejuice, May 09 2019

       Whoa, I got 34,000 steps today...
RayfordSteele, May 10 2019

       I don't actually know what Cube II or Cube I is, but will look up - American TV series? I got the idea while sitting in the top floor café of a Debenhams store, from where you can stare down at the 4 floors of overlapping escalators.
xenzag, May 10 2019

       Smart, but to run this globally, 100 has to be reduced to the average lift number and choosing buildings with multiple tenants with differing fit-out aesthetics.
wjt, May 10 2019

       Globally? ha - Let me know how you get on with the construction, fit-outs and launch.
xenzag, May 10 2019

       I see you misunderstand because i didn't word it out enough . The 100 elevation building would be the jewel in the crown of this global maze enterprise and built when all the cash comes rolling in from using stock standard office buildings as mazes in the empty weekends.
wjt, May 11 2019

       What happens at closing time?
pocmloc, May 11 2019

       When is that?
xenzag, May 11 2019

       //What happens at closing time?//   

       Either maze workers close up early locking in lost mazers as office worker fodder or a team run around showing the quickest exit and hand a discount to complete.
wjt, May 11 2019

       I loathe that movie with all the loathing that remains in my shriveled heart. The movie is trite, predictable, void of any plot beyond "guess who dies next", infested with gory little moments that add nothing, pretentious, just ew. I suspect most people who like it just agree with the politics it pushes.   

       As for the idea, bun.
Voice, May 12 2019


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