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hands-on expressionism
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I'm thinking of gloves for both hands, with extensions on the ends of the fingers appropriate to the media being utilized.

For painting, brush-fingers.
For sketching, charcoal-fingers.
For carving, blade-fingers.
For sculpting, stylus-fingers.

The advantage the artgloves is the enabling of the artiste to not be hindered by the limitations of a single creative interaction point between object and subject -- instead, there are TEN.

Artgloves are naturally ideally suited most likely to abstract/ expressionist/ stream-of-consciousness works over realist styles.

Rather than an event or a process, creation becomes a terpsichoreographic experience!

nihilo, Jun 20 2006

The donning of the glove. http://www.we-make-...ideweb__430x379.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 20 2006]

Here's a version for eating Silverwear
[normzone, Jun 20 2006]

Fingernail-ERS Fingernail-ERS
Inspired by this fine idea. [baconbrain, Jun 21 2006]

For those of you without imagination. http://i5.tinypic.com/157geo0.gif
[nihilo, Jun 22 2006]


       I'm scared of picking my nose with a lino-cutter.
pertinax, Jun 20 2006

       I can't imagine why. Do you pick it abstractly?
nihilo, Jun 20 2006

       this is nice!   

       my sweet mother was a huge fan of the pre-raphaelites and I have a wonderful memory of her looking and touching real sketches in an Oxford museum, some years ago - she had to wear white gloves to handle them. bloody lovely memory!
po, Jun 20 2006

       Po, that is a lovely memory. Thanks for the image.   

       "I'm a tool-using primate." I prefer tools that I can hold on to.   

       However, this gives me an idea that may not be worthy of a separate posting. Oh, what the heck . . . see link to Fingernail-ERS.
baconbrain, Jun 20 2006

       i don't think you'd have enough leverage for using either carving utencils or charcoal. brushes and pencils would be fine though.   

       this would require a whole new type of technique be developed, and that could be a problem
tcarson, Jun 21 2006

       Thanks, [nihilo]! Now I'm even more scared of picking it representationally.
pertinax, Jun 21 2006

       The pictures might help. SOMETHING has to.
nihilo, Jun 22 2006


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