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100 % Cotton-Candy Clothing

Spun, cotton candy formed into clothing and hats.
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Using food colors to obtain brown,black and grey. And also using the common colors of cotton candy, (pink,blue and green) Assemble the cotton candy into clothing and hats. Because of the fragile nature of cotton candy, these garments could only be worn under special conditions. Avoiding moisture air-bourne and from sweat is necessary.

Tiny amounts of water could be used to affix the swathes of spun cotton candy together and assemble into clothes. It is possible that tailors could "lick and tack" the garments together.

Underware of conventional materials would be recomended to avoid the exposure of moisture to the cotton candy. Mild, dry weather conditions are the best times for these special clothes. Another place these garments could be worn would be in "the bedroom" or privacy area. A perfect addition to an evening of 'foreplay' and shagging. Clothing such as these could be licked and nibbled away with much enjoyment.

Cosmo, Aug 29 2003


       I'd hate to get caught in the rain without an umbrella.
jivetalkinrobot, Aug 29 2003

       initial impression is that it sounds fun, but I think it would get really sticky really fast, in an unpleasant sort of way. Either way, have a pastry for giving me another reason to give my girl a tongue bath...
Freefall, Aug 29 2003

       // lick and tack //   

       So... this has the tailor's saliva encrusted all over it?
DeathNinja, Aug 29 2003

       I have already done this to some extent. My friend Cindy Lou Norton did a performance that incorporated cotton candy mega beehive wigs. I wore one that was 3 feet tall and was made from fresh spun cotton candy wrappeed carefully around a head mounted paper cone (think dunce cap) the CC was provided by a rental unit she had ordered for the gallery.   

       Freefall is essentially correct that thinkgs get sticky. but its starts out very sticky and kind of drys a bit getting better. I was able to water and towel off.
whi5p, Mar 31 2004

       Good god, have we learned NOTHING from the Adkin's Diet ?!?
eyeguy, Apr 06 2004

       What are existing "edible undies" made from?
tchaikovsky, Aug 06 2004

       I think I'm furry enough as it is. I'll just dye my hair pink.
destructionism, Aug 06 2004


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