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Cotton Candy Shirt

Make a shirt out of a cotton candy fibers
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Cotton candy is made out of little fibers, right? you can process that like cotton, and make a t-shirt, pants, beanies, and hats out of it!
pwn3d, Sep 22 2007


       Impractical, but probably do-able. Not washable, don't wear in the rain, or while sweating. Eat after use (crotchless pants anyway) if you don't mind a bit of grime. Good.
the dog's breakfast, Sep 22 2007

       its a bit sticky though...
po, Sep 22 2007

       Speaking from experience and all that.
DrCurry, Sep 22 2007

       you never played candy floss twister, then?
po, Sep 22 2007

       in the rain. shirt melted. boys staring. send money.
k_sra, Sep 23 2007

       Okay, I'm sorry, you guys went to town on the Shakespeare porn but you're going to just ignore the obvious on this one (db aside)?
katimac, Sep 23 2007

       American Apparel
normzone, Sep 23 2007


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