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10 Second Real-Recorder

Record 10 seconds of anything and replay it at will.
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A simple device everyone has hidden under the skin on the top of the left hand. A button records and plays back for as long as it is depressed. This would solve the problem during arguments of "I never said that"..."Oh, yes you did" ::click:: (sound plays) "I never loved you!!!" ---Enough said?
Zaevodnik, Dec 15 2004


       No thanks, I'll just use a tape recorder (or common mp3 player) rather than having something surgically implanted.   

       If you were going to do something like that, I'd say have it always recording, but, have it only store the audio for some amount of time before. Such as, 1 hour. So, the most recent hour of audio is always accesible. That way, you'd never forget to push the button. Many digital cameras do this to attach the sound recorded from a time slightly before the shutter button was pressed.
nomel, Dec 15 2004

       why not just record everything and have it stream to a hard disk drive? by the time the disk is full, newer hard drives will be 10 times the capactiy of the current ones anyway.
I thought this was going to be recording 'everything' it's a shame you limited this to audio.
neilp, Dec 15 2004

       Yes, enough said.
bristolz, Dec 15 2004

       Sp. It's
EnochLives, Jan 17 2018

       Edie's do-loop is why we don't record things with phonograph anymore.
RayfordSteele, Jan 18 2018


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