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Binary Strip

Count how many times you use something.
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Sometimes I have multiple razors going, but I can't tell which one is the sharp one before I pick it up, or other times there is a toothbrush that I don't know when I began using. For items such as these, where you like to count the number of uses, I think it would be nice to have a counting strip you could attach to the device, or maybe just leave on the counter.

Such a strip would have eight or ten cutout holes, and underneath each hole, a pull tab would allow you to alternate between off or on. That is, there is a small sliding strip of cardboard underneath each hole, and you can slide it laterally to alternate the hole colour between 1 and 0.

I think this is advantageous over a pencil because: a) it's inconvenient to carry a pencil sometimes, b) you don't have to erase anything, c) you could make a mini version of this and stick it on to whatever you need to keep track of.


Cuit_au_Four, Jan 08 2007


       interesting. would a row of dots/numbers hidden by those little grey paint blobs on scratch cards work?
po, Jan 08 2007


       Cool, this lets you count to 1023 before you change toothbrushes, that's like nearly a year if you brush 3 times a day.   

       pity 9 out of ten people can't count in decimal.
Custardguts, Jan 08 2007

       oh, ahem.   

Custardguts, Jan 08 2007


       this needs a better title.
po, Jan 08 2007

       kinda raises the image of a one-piece strippers' outfit, doesn't it?
Custardguts, Jan 09 2007

       I thought about scratch cards, but then you couldn't get the paint back on, so it wouldn't work the way I'd envisioned it.
Cuit_au_Four, Jan 09 2007


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