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10:00AM Sharp in "Best Available"

Have Outlook and other corporate email clients suggest best meeting room
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When scheduling group meetings in Outlook, one can check the availability of "abstract" resources such as conference room. However, one must "invite" these conference rooms to the meeting to find out their availability, and one must have an actual knowledge of their appropriateness for a given meeting, from room size to impressive view of Central Park to projector. If the room turns out to be not available, one must repeat the process.

Extend the scheduler to suggest meeting rooms appropriate to the meeting by using both # of attendees (already available) and other "required resource" meeting entries.

theircompetitor, May 07 2004


       baked in my work Lotus Notes room booking facilty. The dbase allows the user to state the number of people to attend and whether a PC projector, flipchart are required.   

       The room booking facility recommends an appropriate room and adds it to the meeting invitation. All rather clever.
hazel, May 07 2004

       That's the first time I have ever seen the term "Lotus Notes" and "clever" used within 10 paragraphs of each other. I have no experience with Lotus Notes but everyone I have ever talked to that has has had a miserable time with it. Especially setting up and administrating it.
bristolz, May 07 2004

       Yup - I've used Lotus Notes, and it is truly the work of the devil.
hippo, May 08 2004

       Even with the Chrysler added features at work, Notes sucks.
RayfordSteele, May 08 2004

       I know one of the author's of Lotus Notes... it's behavior is less of a mystery to me than most. I've heard that some of the Lotus products had a larger number of returns than actual shipments.
zigness, May 08 2004

       Your apostrophes are a fairly big mystery to me ;-)
bristolz, May 08 2004


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