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Apps that Age

So you feel like you are growing your relationship with them
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I just opened up Crossy Road for the first time in about 6 months and I could swear to god that the background app color has changed so that it looks yellowed and like it has rotted a little since I have been neglecting it. Then i look back at the color and it is the same old Crossy Road blue and hasn't changed. It was just my imagination.

But it gave me an idea, which was that the color but also other features of an app should age and go bad, and be clean uppable by rubbing and polishing them so that they get shiny and clean again. Or maybe if you haven't used them in a while the menus squeek and when the open springs cone out and screws fall out, but if you shake it around a little and tap some oil on there, it gets back on working order.

So this would encourage people to grow a relationship with their apps, like you want to give your fancy car a bath on the weekend.

JesusHChrist, Jan 20 2016


       So would one merge a Photoshop program and utilize the little color brushes and erasers to repaint and burnish the app?
whatrock, Jan 20 2016

       This kind of apps is already out there. For example a Typo3 installation which I didn't update for quite some time because I hate it would start to lose parts of its interface to cryptic error messages; the intro screen changed without me changing anything, etc. The frontend of the app still runs fine, but the backend shows some wear and tear.
Toto Anders, Jan 20 2016

       Would it have error messages like:   

       "Now where did I put that file?", or "What was I doing?" and then request you to walk into the room again?
Ling, Jan 20 2016


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