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An alternative to the M$ paperclip
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This is just a funny little thought that went through my head, but everybody at work refers to me as "Cliff Claven" (from Cheers) because I always have some "useless" information to share. So I thought, why not make a fortune cookie/m.o.t.d. widget for windows and mac users to replace the anoying M$ paperclip.
Instead of getting "Clippy" popping up saying, "You look like you're trying to write a letter", a little "Cliff Claven" head pops up every once in a while with useless information like where the name "Horse Latitudes" came from or that the first tailgate party was a game between Princeton and Rutgers.
Either that, or some funny Cheers reference like "You know Normie. the Great Pyramid of Giza was actually the world's first post office". It might actually make a dreary day in the office a little humorous.
I know message of the day/fortune cookie programs already exist. The interface was the "original" idea.
This might be a nice Konfabulator/ Kapsule/Dashboard widget and maybe (someday) a nice replacement for that damned paperclip itself.
holophile, Jul 21 2004

konfabultor http://www.konfabulator.com/
mac widget program [holophile, Oct 04 2004]

Kapsules http://kapsules.shellscape.org/
windows widget program [holophile, Oct 04 2004]




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