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10pm, lights out

helps you go to bed at a reasonable hour
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"It's those TV networks, Marge. They won't let me. One quality show after another, each one fresher and more brilliant than the last." Homer Simpson

TV, internet, books, there always seems to be something more pressing than bedtime.

I want a timer in the home's power box that switches all non-essential power circuits off after a chosen time and switches them back on in the morning. I know there are home power control systems, but they all seem too fancy. I want a single, discrete, off-the-shelf device that fits in exactly where the switches normally reside in the switch box.

xaviergisz, Jan 13 2010

Millions of Americans Don't Get Enough Sleep http://www.nlm.nih....ullstory_91227.html
Seven hours of rest a night is important for good health, expert says [xaviergisz, Jan 13 2010]

Per capita wine consumption by country http://www.nationma...od-wine-consumption
/Why does it only affect the Americans, I wonder?/ [bungston, Jan 13 2010]

(?) First Paragraph http://ieeexplore.i...p?arnumber=00904510
Geneology of behavior? [rcarty, Jan 13 2010]


       Perhaps American TVs and computers don't have off switches built in to them?
pocmloc, Jan 13 2010

       I think the Americans are afflicted because of markedly inadequate wine consumption (see link). Residents of other countries are likely slumped in their chairs by 845 PM, muttering ribald songs and gnawing corks in their sleep.
bungston, Jan 13 2010

       I've read that the British were/ are aversive of electric light. [Link]
rcarty, Jan 13 2010

       //I've read that the British were/ are aversive of electric light//
Not just electric light: "The Americans have need of the telephone, but we do not. We have plenty of messenger boys." Sir Wiliam Preece, Chief Engineer of the Post Office, 1876 (though, in his defence, Preece was instrumental in the development of radio)
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 13 2010

       It's called a Shabbos clock and every othodox Jew has one.
pashute, Jun 29 2021

       I'm seriously considering (I'm designing myself a house at the moment) putting in parallel power circuits:
One for "essential" things like the fridge.
One for "non-essential" like the TV etc, which has a master switch somewhere convenient (next to the bed, perhaps).
Which would solve this. But not as a retro-fit...
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 30 2021

       ^ My office has this. On the way out the door I flick the Master Switch and everything except the fridge and emergency lighting is shut down. We also have timer switches on everything from the PCs to the microwave to only have power to the sockets during certain hours (which can be manually overridden).
AusCan531, Jun 30 2021

       //On the way out the door I flick the Master Switch and everything except the fridge and emergency lighting is shut down.// - and everyone else who works in [AusCan531]'s office (who have learnt from cruel experience to save their work regularly) blunders around in the dark trying to find the switch to turn the lights back on again...
hippo, Jun 30 2021

       With multiple circuits in the home, sounds like a wifi contolable breaker is the go. Just swap them out on the breaker board and configure them with your home network for any modality you feel necessary. If there is such a thing.
wjt, Jul 11 2021


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