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12-oz Whisky Bottle

Sip in style, incognito.
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As I've stated many times on this site, I don't like beer. I don't have a problem shelling out the the extra money to treat myself right when I feel like drinking. Problems arise, however, when I go out drinking with cheap beer drinkers, who think I'm a snob for refusing to drink beer with them. So what I want is the option to buy fine whisky packaged in 12- ounce amber bottles, so I can sip on my whisky and everyone thinks I'm drinking beer. Knock-off labels from every major beer company would be available upon request, to complete the charade.

I may look like a lightweight sipping on a single bottle of 'beer' all night and getting tanked, but I'd rather look like a lightweight than a snob.

By the way, if this exists, please point me to it. I Googled extensively and didn't find anything like it.

21 Quest, Jan 05 2010

Half Bottles of Whisky http://www.thegreen...bottles/cat_39.html
They're not in beer bottles, and you don't tend to get them in the pub!
[Jinbish, Jan 06 2010]

Like this, but with a darker bottle and a spoof label http://www.thegreen...-35cl/prod_977.html
Thanks, Jinbish. This is an enlarged pic from your link. [21 Quest, Jan 07 2010]


       This is for sissies-
zeno, Jan 06 2010

       No, it's for fitting in with sissies. There's a difference.
21 Quest, Jan 06 2010

       No, cissy for sure.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 06 2010

       Look, I know these guys who always drink beer together, big strapping lads right? But one of them doesn't like beer or any other alcoholic drink but Amaretto mixed with coca cola. So they order :"six beers and a gay coke please!". It's a running joke. The guy who drinks the gay coke is well respected because he is such a cool guy but he gains extra respect by showing he doesn't give a rats ass what anybody thinks of his drinking habits.

       If on the other hand you would choose to hide behind this sissy idea....Well, it just wouldn't be manly.
zeno, Jan 06 2010

       More than anything, it's to spare the pride of the other guys who are on a tighter budget. Nobody likes the one guy who insists on showing everyone up. And when they do decide to drink the hard stuff, they get nasty about it, too. They buy a huge, gallon-size bottle of the cheapest rum they can find and pass it around, and I look like a snob for abstaining from it, too. So I prefer to let them have their beer, and just try to blend in without making waves. These guys are great to hang out with, but they have some nasty tastes.
21 Quest, Jan 06 2010

       You should test this idea out by pouring whiskey into an empty beer bottle (you might also need some subterfuge to avoid getting kicked out of the bar). If you get through the drinking session without your buddies noticing you're not drinking beer you'll get a croissant from me.
xaviergisz, Jan 06 2010

       If you're really being good to yourself, and it is fine whisky, then you should be drinking it from a whisky glass. To hell with the peasants!
Jinbish, Jan 06 2010

       Also - you'll be in trouble when the mob decide to move to another bar and there are cries of "down it".
Jinbish, Jan 06 2010

       Um, if you're drinking half a bottle at a go, you're probably not drinking especially fine whiskey, or you have way to much money to burn.
MechE, Jan 06 2010

       I will extend you my sympathy because you appear to be one of those people who can't believe that other people like hops. It's your misfortune, and you'll have to live with it.

       Have you considered the "airplane" bottles that hold an ounce or two? Twelve ounces of whiskey is a commitment to drinking that should not be lightly made. (+)

       And what [Jinbish] said about proper glasses. Men outgrow children's games of slugging back sweet concoctions and enjoy the taste of their liquor from a proper vessel at a gentleman's pace ;-)
normzone, Jan 06 2010

       This is, of course, why I made the distinction about *sipping*. Yes, it's from a bottle, but 12 ounces over the course of an entire evening out really isn't that bad. You would sip from *one* bottle the whole evening.
21 Quest, Jan 06 2010

       there is a study that shows that people drink differently from varied shaped glasses - as much as you say that you would sip, I think the shape of the bottle might lead to slugging - but hey, its your body.
po, Jan 07 2010

       First, 12oz of whiskey is the same alcohol content (roughly) as 12 beers. That's a lot to drink in an evening unless you are a very heavy drinker. Second, the cost is going to be roughly equivalent to 12 cheap domestic beers for a good whiskey, as much as 12 good micro-brews or imports for a really good whiskey. Third, you won't be tasting it nearly as well after about the second ounce, so at that point it's not worth spending the money on the good stuff.
MechE, Jan 07 2010

       Clearly, some sort of multi-chamber construction is called for.
jutta, Jan 07 2010

       //I go out drinking with cheap beer drinkers//

       Go out drinking with people that drink Vielle Bon Secours.
skinflaps, Jan 07 2010

       I've just noticed that the website I used for the half-bottle link is owned by "The Green Welly" shop. I was in there about 13 years ago when I was walking the West Highland Way (96 mile hill walk). I had no idea they sold so much whisky!
Jinbish, Jan 08 2010


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