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A fuel and nutrient replenish in the form of doctored beer. (2% by Vol max)
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There are a lot, ..a lot of craft beers on the market. Some of the flavours include chocolate, fig & coffee, chili and milk.

This got me thinking whether a stout (not the alcohol content) can be a meal in itself. It would be along the lines of a nice full bodied dark beer (they usually have the calories and some complexity to the carbohydrates) but with some required nutrients and minerals added. A quick and easy meal replacement to break up the daily square repeat and give the body something a little different.

Thinking wider, is a base line food package a good idea? The military have food rations but this hasn't really made it to something that in societies mind and can handed out on the street. A doctored soup could be this beer's sibling but I am thinking a beer would have more street cred.

Hopefully, hangry can be washed from the dictionary.

wjt, Apr 14 2019

Beer Fast https://www.foodand...-lent-fast-del-hall
This dude might find your beer useful. [gisho, Apr 18 2019]


       <scratches that one off the mental list> (+)   

       Beer is dang near a food-group now. Yes, yes, to some people it tastes like piss-water but barring that... the stuff is good for you... in moderation like almost everything else.   

       Enriching beer to be healthier than it already is seems to be a concept just about to happen if it hasn't already.   

       Why "Bareroad" as a title?   

       ...and two percent is just... well, it's almost American fer cripes sake. If it's not edging towards eight percent then it's not really doing its job and all of the potential health benefits are lost to belly-fat.   

       Surely the world at large must be privy to this information already...   

       It can't just be Germany and Canada that know this...   

       ...can it?   

       hiking dry mix that is a complete food replacement. Its like powdered milk but costs about 5 $ a meal and is not enjoyable.   

       Coco pops have a little bit of vitamins added and they go on and on about it being healthy it is not.   

       Healthy beer is a thing that has been advised for years. Low carb, or mid strength. You on to something
WaffleWizard, Apr 14 2019

       [2 fries] Alcohol is not a necessity and my thinking was if an alcoholic, 2% might take the edge off to get some of the other benefits in. Bareroard label is due to the concept of traveling on the minimum and still getting what is needed.   

       [Waffle Wizard] When evolution iterated the digestive system, solid food won out so Bareroad would always only be a stopgap supplement. A more balanced textured Coco pop mixture might be more sensible.
wjt, Apr 15 2019

       // milk //   

       I don't drink but that sounds disgusting
notexactly, Apr 17 2019

       Looking forward to the advertisements for a high-fiber beer...
lurch, Apr 18 2019

       A high fibre, silky taste is being trialed soon with nano-particles that form fibres on a pH state change. Advertising minds will be let loose once initial startup profit levels are reached.   

       The research team, in the background, is desperately scouring for a natural nano-particle replacement. ?Did I think that or say it?
wjt, Apr 18 2019


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