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15 Minutes of Fame

Because celebrities are already on TV
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A new TV show entitled '15 Minutes of Fame'. The show is in fact fifteen minutes in length and every night it focuses on a different randomly selected subject. The subject could be anyone, from a vagrant to a billionaire. There should be an effort to not to *concentrate* on subjects who are the loud-mouthed, extroverted, attention craving Big Brother types - though these people do make up our society also.

Cameras follow the subject for a day or week and we get a little window into their lives. There can be a standard set of questions that are asked to give us that little extra insight. E.g. What was the worst day in your life? What was the best? What are your likes/dislikes? What are you most afraid of? Favorite books, films, foods, etc.

Most of the time real people are far more interesting than celebrities.
fergdeff, Jan 14 2005

(?) Boiling Points http://www.mtv.com/...points/series.jhtml
Yeah, here's "one born about every 15 minutes". [reensure, Jan 14 2005]


       This is just another form of cheapshod reality TV...noooooooo!!!!
DaveW-H, Jan 14 2005

       I like it. But let not the camera's follow someone around for a week. Let it be just what the title says: fifteen minutes. And the subject is unaware. It is a live show.
zeno, Jan 14 2005

       I like the idea, but I don't think anybody would invest money in following each individual for a whole week to produce only a 15 minute show, with maybe just ONE commercial break.
Pericles, Jan 14 2005

       This American Life is a bit like this, without the picture. It's usually not too painful.
tiromancer, Jan 14 2005


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