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Paris hilton reality show

The real reality.
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Channel all that negative energy into positive action.

Camera follows Paris Hilton around. Young and trendy people around the world will want to watch this, hell everybody will want to watch this. Hot chicks, Paris and her friends, go clubbing all the time. Imagine the drinking, the cleavage, the sex.

BUT, as the title says: this is to be a reality show. The camera is there the next morning.

Watch Paris get up in the morning, see how hard she works, see how long her day is, see that she earns her own money, see that she is an adult with adult interests and adult responsabilities. Get to know the human being.

Why? Because.

But seriously I've had it up to here with all the bickering about her and what it comes down to is just jealousy. When people start to realise how hard she works (and how hard other celebreties work(a Pamela Anderson real reality show would be great)), then maybe, just maybe they will feel inspired by her example and feel more motivated to spice up their own bleak existence instead of complaining about Paris.

<in your annotations please comment on the idea. This is not an invitation to give us your unique opinion about Paris Hilton, or make stupid jokes.>

zeno, May 25 2006

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"Prepared from selected pieces of turkey, chopped and shaped, covered in a crispy crumb." [zen_tom, May 25 2006]

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       Some help with the category please?
zeno, May 25 2006

       Why would I want to see a show about a hotel?
hippo, May 25 2006

       Nobody said celebrities don't work hard - I'm still not interested in them though. I don't want reality anything. I don't want celebrity anything.   

       About 5-10 years ago, someone realised that it would be cheap to put people (it doesn't matter who) in front of a camera for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, edit out the most tedious parts, and then package the remaining material into a mediocre program. Pad this out with adverts for 30 minutes or so, and you're bringing in the readies.   

       It's the TV equivalent of mechanically recovered chicken, shaped into bite-sized novelty pieces. Like Dinosaur Bites.   

       The fact that the likes of Paris and others have taken advantage of this cynical and inane form of entertainment does not make them any more interesting in my mind.   

       Do these people have glamorous lives? Of course not! They're just as dull and lifeless as the rest of us - the only difference is that they are cynical and shameless enough to sell their privacy for cash. Would I do that? I bloody well hope not. Do I want to consort with the sort of people who share these values? No, I bloody well don't. Do I want to watch their edited highlights incessantly, in between adverts for natural penile enhancement drugs, exercise machines and cheese burgers? No I bloody well don't.   

       I'm sure they are lovely and sweet people deep down. But I'm not sure I care enough to spend any time chiselling through the sneeringly vacuous, shallow and money grabbing veneer to find out.   

       So, you can keep your Paris Hiltons - I don't want them. When the TV bosses get the point and stop parading this kind of joyless shit about on my TV screen, I might just start watching it again.
zen_tom, May 25 2006

       What's your own veneer like [zen tom]?
zeno, May 25 2006

       Good point - but I still don't like reality TV.
zen_tom, May 25 2006

       // hell everybody will want to watch this.//   

       //No, I bloody well// won't.   

       What's this got to do with glasses?
skinflaps, May 25 2006

       ditto zen_tom's comments.
DrBob, May 25 2006

       zen_tom put it extremely well, so there would be no point to carry on about this. I have never understood why people want to know all this stuff about celebs. I have been in the presence of several *famous* people over the years and would not ever ask for their autograph. I would feel silly....
xandram, May 25 2006

       //Nobody said celebrities don't work hard - I'm still not interested in them though. I don't want reality anything. I don't want celebrity anything.//   

       [zen_tom] said it all for me.
kuupuuluu, May 25 2006

       [OT] I often wonder if Mr and Mrs Travel-Lodge ever thought of calling their daughter "Wolverhampton".
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 25 2006

       Good shows: you're lucky to get 10 episodes a year.   

       What else is on: well, how many ways are there to chip to yourself a bit of market share?
reensure, May 25 2006

       /This is not an invitation to give us your unique opinion about Paris Hilton/   

       Only [zeno] is allowed to do that?   

       I guess people have expressed their disagreement through the ancient art of hushed fish-giving.
Texticle, May 25 2006

       xandram, can I get your autograph?
RayfordSteele, May 26 2006

       Oh [Rayford] don't be silly.....of course.
xandram, May 27 2006

       I can't categorize why, but if this were real, we'd all be dead. -
daseva, Jun 27 2008

       I'd rather watch the Hanoi Hilton reality show, starring Paris.
jaksplat, Jun 28 2008

       This is the kind of thing that led to me deciding the licence fee was a waste of money and giving up telly. I'm not being elitist, but i don't understand why anyone would be interested in this sort of thing, and there seems to be a lot of it on TV. It's not even curmudgeonliness because i used to avoid watching television as a teenager. It's a different world. Nobody's making me watch it though.   

       I have nothing against them, i just don't think their lives would be more interesting than my friends' and neighbours'.
nineteenthly, Jun 28 2008

       Can anyone tell me what Ms. Hilton works so hard at, apart from being a celebrity?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 28 2008

       I like the quote from the movie varsity blues:   

       "It takes a lot of money to look that cheap"
Custardguts, Jun 29 2008


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