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15 Seconds Of Game

Hyper short games that pop up while pre-roll ad runs
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I'm all for advertising -- really, my living depended on it -- but the preroll ads in videos drive me crazy.

I want an automated system that wakes up when the video starts playing, analyzes the stream (you can use the label at the bottom that says your video starts in...) gives me something to do and covers that screen, then comes back automagically when video is ready to play.

theircompetitor, Nov 04 2011


       (+) for the idea but I suspect most of those games would bore me as much or more than the advertisement.
normzone, Nov 04 2011

       A little game of Russian Roulette should work.
xandram, Nov 04 2011

       Test your IQ in twenty seconds.
zeno, Nov 05 2011

       sorry, 15
zeno, Nov 05 2011

       Zzzzzt! You lose.
Alterother, Nov 05 2011

       Better still use AdBlock Plus and never see a pre-roll again. Honestly, i never knew they even existed, or for that matter, didn't realize there were so many ads on the internet when i disabled AdBlock Plus by mistake one time. It was funny because when i visted YouTube i was surprised to see ads on the side and in the playing video...that was completely new to me. Thankfully, i re-enabled AdBlock Plus and back to ignorant of their existence.   

       Nontheless, good idea..bun
corezz, Nov 06 2011

       [corezz], you seem to have pressed OK without entering any annotation text... wait, let me just turn off AdBlock Double Plus.
spidermother, Nov 06 2011

       [xandram], that's pretty funny, but I'd never (click) DAMN! THAT WAS CLOSE!
normzone, Nov 06 2011


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