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shred tear break and crumble with/out noise
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Game lets you do therapeutic movements of your fingers without leaving crumbs, torn paper and tiny bits of broken plastic in the wake.

It could also get progressively harder or easier to do, and sometimes there's a prize at the end.

pashute, Feb 11 2018


       I thought this was going to involve the other homomorph of "tear", and an onion.   

       Presumably, the motions would not be therapeutic unless they met, then overcame, resistance. So, the technology to enable this, without crumbs, etc., would be ... what? Some sort of adjustable spring?
pertinax, Feb 11 2018

       The virtual googling, I mean goggles, with haptic gloves are off because at the moment this idea is a bit light and ethereally wispy to tearup.
wjt, Feb 11 2018


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