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1900 get screwed

you get what you ask for (sounds like a sex site)
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victim dials 1-900-get-screwed. A recorded message plays "Thank you for your support, You have Just been Screwed. for complaints, call 1-900-complaint" the caller is charged 29.95 for the call, and then gets the dial tone. if he calls 1-900-complaint the recording plays a complaint to him "please stop calling me here, I am getting tired of complaining until Im blue in the face" then the dial tone again.

A great money maker. BugMan

bugman, Sep 26 2002

About Bugman http://hugin.sigusr...orttype=f&pgraphs=1
[reensure, Sep 26 2002]


       I was thinking this was about the end of the 19th century.
reensure, Sep 26 2002

skinflaps, Sep 26 2002

       Killer link, reensure - I er,ah made a - ah, complaint against my "insurance" (hahahahaa - is that what they do?) company
thumbwax, Sep 26 2002

       How about 08745-screw-this
NickTheGreat, Sep 26 2002

       Hmm.. a 900 number. I should call it! Wow, where'd this INSANE charge come from on my bill? Whoa, I better call their 900 complaint number and complain. Whoa, where'd this OTHER charge come from? I'd better call and complain again!   

       Lay off the spraypaint huffing, okay?
Mr Burns, Sep 26 2002


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