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1/2 Week

By the BareBaked Ladies?
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Well I've made a start on my promise to finish this by the end of the week (see Bubbahemian Rapshody). Let me know if it's worth me finishing the job on what I've done so far. Will this be good enough to make the Halfbaker's Dozen?

It's been one week since you baked for me,
Turned the oven off and said "I'm angry"
Five days since you laughed at me saying
"'You're' is a contraction, spell it correctly"
Three days since I was egnorized
Tried to flame him back, but I was tongue-tied.
Yesterday, you croissanted me,
But I'm still convinced your banter's beyond me.

[courtesy of 1percent]

Hold it now and watch melanerpes lick
Bunnies, he'll make you stop think
You'll think you're looking at waugsqueke.
I summon fishbones to the dish, although I like the Harley Krishnas
I like the 'Bubba, his ideas rarely ever reek.
Hot like wasabe when I shout "BAKED!"
Just gotta annotate
I'll correct you like Pedanto.
Benfrost's got the mad food
You know it's all crude
You know I'm all about baking dough.

Gonna take some dough and then I'll throw it to hippo
I like his Silent Dodgy Chimes, they're a classic in the making.
Now I think I'll see what's been marked as [mfd], I've been linked by Pete Sealey
My idea's been pre-baking

How can I help it if I never get a thing done
Trying hard, but the 'Bakery's too much fun
Adding words to the Greatest Story Ever Told
Reading the latest from Mephista and lewisgirl
I have a tendency to log on religiously
I have a history of never logging off

[more to come. My brain hurts now. Perhaps Unabubba should take over, he's much better at these things.]

CoolerKing, Aug 10 2001


       Relax, rest brain, continue. Yer doin' jus' fine.
st3f, Aug 10 2001

       Well thank you. I'll carry on tomorrow (or sometime next week when I'm bored)
CoolerKing, Aug 10 2001

       I like it! A bare naked croissant for you, CoolerKing.
PotatoStew, Aug 10 2001


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